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Lindsay Lohan Picture - Lindsay Lohan Biography

Lindsay Lohan Picture - Lindsay Lohan Wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan face picture
Lindsay Lohan face picture

Lindsay Lohan face wallpaper
Lindsay Lohan face wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan bikini wallpaper
Lindsay Lohan bikini wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan blue picture
Lindsay Lohan blue picture

Lindsay Lohan face wallpaper
Lindsay Lohan face wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan sexy wallpaper
Lindsay Lohan sexy wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan ping jersey wallpaper
Lindsay Lohan ping jersey wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan bridal wallpaper
Lindsay Lohan bridal wallpaper

Lindsay Lohan Biography

Name :Lindsay Lohan
Birth Date : July 2, 1986
Birth Place : New York, New York, USA
Birth Name : Lindsay Morgan Lohan
Height : 5' 5
Nationality : American
Profession : Actress
Best Known As : Teen star of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls

In New York, NY, on 02 July 1986, Lindsay Dee Lohan (she later changed her middle name to Morgan) became the first child of a proud couple: Dina (a one-time Radio City "Rockette" who now manages her daughter's career) and Michael Lohan (a long-time Wall Street trader who developed, then sold, his family's multi-million-dollar pasta business to fund and develop major studios and independent Hollywood productions). Three siblings (Michael, Aliana and Dakota) would follow in the years to come.

Green-eyed, auburn-haired Lindsay started modeling (she was the first redheaded child ever signed by the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency) and acting at the tender age of 3. People in the business quickly recognized her talent, and she was hired to shoot more than 60 commercials; including spots for Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Jell-O (with Bill Cosby).

In 1993, Lindsay was one of several New York-area children to appear in a Halloween skit with David Letterman, dressed as garbage ("Things You Find on the Floor of the D-Train"). Within weeks, Letterman left NBC for CBS.

A plum role soon followed on the NBC-TV series Another World. Lindsay was the third actress — in late 1996 and early 1997 — to play "Alexandra 'Alli' Fowler". (AW ran until 1999.)

It was not until 05 January 1997 that she knew she would be cast in a major motion picture. The director of The Parent Trap, Nancy Meyers, called Lindsay that day and told her that she had the part — or is that parts — of the twins. Lindsay proved that she is an actress of considerable skill, deftly handling two different personalities in one single movie. She was officially recognized for her talent as well; earning a Young Artist Award for Leading Actress (which she shared with Stepmom's Jena Malone), and nominations for a YoungStar Award and a Blockbuster Entertainment Award.

Early in 1999, Lindsay filmed another movie. Life-Size — originally a Wonderful World of Disney production later released on home video — allowed Lindsay to act with Tyra Banks.

In 2000, Lindsay won the role of "Rose" in Bette Midler's television sitcom, Bette. After shooting the pilot episode, the show's producers decided it would be easier on the crew — most of whom lived near Los Angeles — if filming moved to California. Lindsay gave up the role to stay in New York, and Los Angeles-area actress Marina Malota was pegged to take over the role of Midler's teen-aged daughter. The series was canceled only a few months later, due to sagging ratings and the strain on its stars (ironically, Midler had to fly cross-country from her New York home to tape her own show).

In June, 2001, Lindsay completed filming the role of "Lexy Gold" in Get a Clue, the Disney Channel Original Movie of the Month for January, 2002 — later rescheduled for telecast in June, 2002.

Walt Disney Pictures announced on 31 July 2002 that Lindsay had signed on to play Anna Coleman in the theatrical remake of Freaky Friday. To update another film from its own vaults, Disney signed Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda) as the mother-and-daughter team who wake up one day in each other's bodies. Lohan — who already proved she could fill Hayley Mills' shoes and then some — took on a role that helped propel a young Jodie Foster to stardom. Lindsay also sang the film's closing theme, Ultimate, written for the film by songwriters Jeff Coplan and Robert Ellis Orrall.

In September, 2002, Lindsay took her first step toward fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a recording artist when one of the biggest names in music, Emilio Estefan, Jr., took Lindsay under his professional wing. Estefan Enterprises announced a five-album production deal and the promise of an aggressive effort to "sell" her pop style "with a rock edge" to a major record label.

In 2003, Lindsay accepted the lead role in Disney's Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (originally a New Line project written for Hilary Duff, who had to pass due to her full schedule). Filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and in New York City, Queen was released in theatres on 20 February 2004.

Later in 2003, leaving The Mouse behind (for the moment), Lindsay jumped over to Paramount Studios to re-team with Freaky director Mark S. Waters for Mean Girls, written by Tina Fey and starring several members of the cast of Saturday Night Live. Lorne Michaels asked Lindsay to host SNL as Mean Girls premiered in May, 2004, and she would host the show again a year later.

In 2004, Lindsay signed with Casablanca Records and released her first studio album, Speak. Her first single, Rumors—about a teen celebrity trying to keep her private life out of the spotlight—was a Gold Record, and the video was nominated for Best Pop Video at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards. Her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw), included the single, Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father). In that video, Lindsay's sister, Aliana, made her acting debut.

Back to Disney, Lindsay filmed Herbie: Fully Loaded with Michael Keaton and Breckin Meyer in 2005. In 2006, she'll headline Just My Luck for Fox. She will also play Meryl Streep's Daughter in A Prairie Home Companion. Lindsay also signed for leading roles in Bobby and Chapter 27.

Lindsay Lohan shares her birthday with the late US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the late civil rights activist Medgar Evers, the late King Olav V of Norway, former Philippine First Lady Imelda ("I have more shoes than you") Marcos, New Hampshire Congressman John Sununu, WWF wrestler Bret "The Hitman" Hart, retired NASCAR driver Richard "The King of Stock Car Racing" Petty, and the late Wendy's Restaurant founder Dave Thomas (really!). Fellow actors born on 02 July include Yancy Butler (Witchblade), James McNichol (General Hospital, brother of actress Kristy McNichol), Jerry Hall (Batman, ex-wife of Mick Jagger), Ron Silver (Billionaire Boys' Club), Brock Peters (Star Trek), Ken Curtis (Gunsmoke), and Polly Holliday (Flo on television, "Marva Kulp, Sr." in The Parent Trap).


Lindsay also has worked as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch Kids (A&F Kids) and Calvin Klein Kids.

Her family's last name is pronounced "low-han" but, when speaking quickly, they tend to say "lowen".

Lindsay was raised on Long Island, NY, where her family still maintains its home. In 2005, she bought a home in Beverly Hills, CA, but splits her time on both coasts.

Her birthday is 02 July, not 11 October. That birthday was shared by Annie James and Hallie Parker, Lindsay's characters in The Parent Trap.

Lindsay earned the roles of the twins after a six-month casting search. Later, Life-Size and Get a Clue were offered by Disney as part of a three-picture deal signed after Trap was filmed.

Immediately after Trap, Disney offered Lindsay the lead female role in Inspector Gadget but, having just finished seven months' work on The Parent Trap, she declined (her mom, Dina, told New York Newsday that Lindsay "really needed a break"). The role instead was accepted by Michelle Trachtenberg. Soon, a rumor began to circulate that Trachtenberg "gave" the Trap role to Lohan, who later "gave" the Gadget project to Trachtenberg. The rumor is not true. (On the other hand, did you know Michelle's "birthday is on October 11th??! How weird is that?")

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Maria Menounos Picture - Maria Menounos Biography

Maria Menounos Picture - Maria Menounos Wallpaper

Maria Menounos white dress picture

Maria Menounos poster pictuer

Maria Menounos wallpaper

Maria Menounos grey wallpaper

Maria Menounos Biography

Birth name: Maria Menounos
Birth location: Medford, Massachusetts
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Title(s): Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1995
Major Competition(s): Miss Teen USA 1995


"Integrity is integrity. I don't push it to the side because I'm talking to Julia Roberts." -Maria Menounos


Making her grand entrance on June 8th, 1978 in Medford, Massachusetts, Maria Menounos was a shining star at birth. By the time she was a student (and a good one at that), her sights were set on a career in journalism. Some days, she would even arrive late to school after watching the morning news on CNN for too long.

maria crowned miss massachusetts

In 1995, thanks to the encouragement of her friends and family, Menounos began to enroll in beauty pageants. The following year, she won the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. Though she did not win the Miss Teen USA crown, her involvement in such a big production helped her gain a lot of experience, not to mention pave the way for her career. In fact, she boldly told pageant host and Entertainment Tonight reporter Bob Goen that she would love to work with him at ET. Her six years of foresight seem quite prophetic today.

maria menounos on channel one news

Her string of success on the pageant circuit ended in 1999, when Menounos finished a very respectable second place to Miss Massachusetts USA. By this time, she was on to bigger and better things as a student at Boston's Emerson College. During her senior year, she was hired as a reporter for Channel One News, known as the top news source for American students. Her work for Channel One's 10-minute segments included traveling to El Salvador to report on the devastating earthquake of 2001 and interviewing President George W. Bush.

She also lent her broadcasting skills to two radio stations; she produced, hosted and wrote news segments for both a local and a college channel. Menounos even made an independent film in 1999 called George's Auto, proving that she is truly an all-around talent.

entertainment tonight hires maria

These achievements translated into a wave of high-profile TV offers. The best and most lucrative by far came from the most popular news show in syndication, Entertainment Tonight. The famed celebrity news show convinced Menounos to join its team as a correspondent in 2002. She excelled immediately, interviewing everyone from the Osbournes to Robin Williams, and reporting on movies, music and fashion.

Menounos did so well that ET executives offered her a hosting gig for ET on MTV & VH1, a crossover program that brings the latest celeb news to the two popular networks. She remains a correspondent on ET but, to many, her most important contributions involve charities. Menounos formed Take Action Hollywood!, a foundation that raises social awareness and enlists the help of the entertainment industry.

maria menounos news

Of late, Menounos has created her own news by appearing in FHM magazine and being the subject of a rumored romance with Hollywood star Vin Diesel. The praise for this beautiful host should continue with few obstacles, proving that beauty pageant babes are more than just a big smile and bikini body. And if Maria continues to give us glimpses of that body, like she did at the 2004 Oscars by wearing a diamond-studded dress worth more than $2.5 million, she'll always be priceless to us.


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Charlize Theron Pictures - Charlize Theron Biography

Charlize Theron Pictures - Charlize Theron wallpapers

Charlize Theron wallpaper
Charlize Theron wallpaper

Charlize Theron wallpaper
Charlize Theron wallpaper

Charlize Theron italian job movie wallpaper
Charlize Theron italian job movie wallpaper

Charlize Theron monster movie picture
Charlize Theron monster movie picture

Charlize Theron aeon flux movie wallpaper
Charlize Theron aeon flux movie wallpaper

Charlize Theron sexy picture New York Times
Charlize Theron sexy picture New York Times

Charlize Theron Biography
Born August 7 , 1975 ( 1975-08-07 ) (age 31)Flag of South AfricaBenoni , South Africa
Official site
Notable roles Helga Svelgen in 2 Days in the Valley Aileen Wuornos in Monster Britt Ekland in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers
Best Actress 2003 Monster
Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama 2004 Monster
Best Actress - Motion Picture 2004 Monster

Charlize Theron (born August 7, 1975) is an Academy Award winning South African actress and former fashion model. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Monster (2004).

She was first featured in 2 Days in the Valley (1996), starring alongside such actors and actresses as Danny Aiello and Teri Hatcher.


Early life
Theron was born in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa. Her father, Charles Theron, was a construction company owner of French Huguenot descent; her mother, Gerda, is of German descent and took over her husband's business after his death. Theron's first language is Afrikaans. She is also fluent in English and speaks some Xhosa. In the United States, both in her films and while being interviewed, etc., Theron speaks with a typical American accent and style of speech, leading most people to assume she is American.

"Theron" is a French surname pronounced in Afrikaans as "Tronn," although she has said that she prefers the pronunciation "Thrown." The pronunciation commonly used in the United States involves two syllables, with stress on the first.

Theron grew up as the only child on her parents' farm near Johannesburg (Benoni). At the age of thirteen, Charlize was sent to boarding school and began her studies at the National School Of The Arts in Johannesburg. At fifteen, Theron witnessed the death of her father, an abusive alcoholic; her mother shot him in self-defense when he attacked her. The police laid no charges against her

At the age of 16, Theron traveled to Milan, Italy, on a one-year modeling contract, after winning a local competition. Her contract ended while she was in New York City, and she decided to remain there, attending the Joffrey Ballet School, where she trained as a ballet dancer. A knee injury closed this career path when she was 18.

Unable to dance, she bought a ticket to Los Angeles. After eight months in the city, she was cast in her first film part, a non-speaking role in the direct-to-video film Children of the Corn III. She followed this with larger roles in widely released Hollywood films, and her career skyrocketed in the late 1990s, with box office successes like The Devil's Advocate, The Cider House Rules, and Mighty Joe Young.

The May 1999 issue of Playboy published nude photos of Theron, taken during the early years of her modeling career. Claiming they had been "for private use", Theron ended up suing photographer Guido Argentini.

After appearing in a few notable films, Theron starred as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film Monster (2003). Film critic Roger Ebert called it "one of the greatest performances in the history of the cinema", for which Theron won the Best Actress Oscar at the 76th Academy Awards in February 2004, as well as the SAG Award and the Golden Globe Award. She is the first South African to win an Oscar for Best Actress.

Having signed a deal with John Galliano in 2004, Theron replaced Estonian model Tiiu Kuik in the J'ADORE advertisements by Christian Dior; she is the current spokeswoman for Dior perfume. From October 2005 to December 2006 Theron endorsed Raymond Weil watches; in February of 2006 she was sued by them for breach of contract. On September 30, 2005, she received her own bronze star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the same year, she starred in the financially unsuccessful science fiction thriller Æon Flux and was given positive reviews. Additionally, she received a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for her lead performance in the drama North Country. Ms. Magazine honored her for this performance as well with a feature article in its Fall 2005 issue. She had also been nominated for an Oscar as a lead actress for the role, although she did not win; this was her second nomination.

In 2005, Theron also portrayed Rita, Michael Bluth's (Jason Bateman) love interest on the third season of FOX's critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development.

She also received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her role in the HBO movie The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.

Salary and status
After her Oscar win for Monster, she earned $10,000,000 for both North Country and Aeon Flux. According to The Hollywood Reporter's 2006 list of highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, she ranked 7th, behind Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Renée Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman.

Personal life
Theron dated the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, Stephan Jenkins, from January 1998 to July 2001. They broke up after Jenkins failed to take her requests of marriage seriously. Theron now resides in Los Angeles with her long-time boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, with whom she starred in the 2004 film Head in the Clouds, as well as in the 2002 film Trapped; she has said that they will not marry until same-sex couples are able to have their marriages recognized. In October 2005, her mother, Gerda, was married in California. The media thought that Charlize was the one getting married (to Townsend) and the paparazzi got as close as they could for the photos.

While filming Æon Flux in Berlin, Germany, Theron had surgery on a herniated disc in her neck, the result of an injury incurred on the set during a stunt.

In May 2006, Maxim magazine named Theron #25 in its annual Hot 100 issue.

Theron is also involved in women's rights organizations.

In 2006, Theron won GLAAD's Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Media Awards for increasing "visibility and understanding in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community."

Theron is a supporter of animal rights and active member of PETA. She recently appeared in a PETA ad for their anti-fur campaign.


2008John HancockActor
2007 Ice at the Bottom of the World Actor / Producer
2007 Ferris Wheel Actor / Producer
2007 In the Valley of Elah Actor
2007 The Battle in Seattle Actor
2006 East of Havana Producer
2005 Aeon Flux Actor: Aeon Flux
2005 North Country Actor: Josey Aimes
2005 Boffo! Tinseltown'sBombs and Blockbusters Actor
2004 The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Actor: Britt Ekland
2004 Head in the Clouds Actor: Gilda Besse /Executive Producer
2003 The Italian Job Actor: Stella Bridger
2003 Monster Actor: Aileen Wuornos / Producer
2002 Trapped Actor: Mrs. Karen Jennings
2001 The Curse of the Jade Scorpion Actor: Laura Kensington
2001 Waking Up in Reno Actor: Candy
2001 Sweet November Actor: Sara Deever
2001 15 Minutes Actor: Rose Hearn
2001 Captured on Film: The TrueStory of Marion Davies Actor: Narrator
2000 Men of Honor Actor: Gwen
2000 Reindeer Games Actor: Ashley
2000 The Yards Actor: Erica Stoltz
2000 The Legend of Bagger Vance Actor: Adele Invergordon
1999 The Cider House Rules Actor: Candy
1999 The Astronaut's Wife Actor: Jillian Armacost
1998 Mighty Joe Young Actor: Jill Young
1998 Celebrity Actor: Supermodel
1997 Hollywood Confidential Actor
1997 Trial and Error Actor: Billie Tyler
1997 The Devil's Advocate Actor: Mary Ann Lomax
1996 That Thing You Do! Actor: Tina
1996 2 Days in the Valley Actor: Helga Svelgen
1994 Children of the Corn III:Urban Harvest Actor: Young Woman

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Madonna Pictures - Madonna Biography

Madonna Picture
Madonna Picture

Madonna concert picture
Madonna concert picture

Madonna black dress hat picture
Madonna black dress hat picture

Madonna face wallpaper
Madonna face wallpaper

Madonna holds her adopted son, David Banda, at an orphan care center run by Raising Malawi, a grassroots initiative by Madonna, in Mphendula Village, about 40 km from the capital Lilongwe April 19, 2007
Madonna holds her adopted son, David Banda, at an orphan care center run by Raising Malawi, a grassroots initiative by Madonna, in Mphendula Village, about 40 km from the capital Lilongwe April 19, 2007

Madonna Biography

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was the third of eight children born into a large Italian family in Michigan. Her father, Sylvio Ciccone, was a design engineer for General Motors, and her mother was Madonna Ciccone. She died when Madonna was six years old.

Madonna attended the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship for two years before heading to New York City to become a ballet dancer. She danced for the Patrick Hernandez Revue before teaming with Dan Gilroy to form the band, Breakfast Club. She later formed the band, Emmy, with Stephen Bray. Their first two singles, "Everybody" and "Physical Attraction" became club hits in New York. The next single, "Holiday," became her first Top Ten hit. Since then Madonna has had a spectacular career in show business as a singer, actress, and producer. Through her ability to evolve with the audiences, she has had more number one singles than any other female artist, eleven in all. Her song, "Rescue Me" off of THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION, became the highest-debuting single by a female artist in U.S. chart history, entering at number 15. She has won numerous MTV Music Awards, five Grammys, and a Golden Globe for her performance in EVITA. In 1992 she signed with Time Warner to create her own record label, Maverick.

Madonna continues to record music and act in films, splitting her time between Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London. She has a daughter, Lourdes Maria, whom she calls "Lola" and is expecting another baby in late 2000.


1958 She was born in Bay City, Michigan. (August 16)

1964 Her mother died of breast cancer.

1977 She moved to New York City.

1979 She became part of the Patrick Hernandez Revue.

1980 She formed the band Emmy with Stephen Bray.

1982 She was signed by Sire Records.

1983 MADONNA - album

1984 LIKE A VIRGIN - album; VISION QUEST - film

1985 She married Sean Penn.; DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN - film

1986 TRUE BLUE - album; SHANGHAI SURPRISE - film

1987 WHO'S THAT GIRL - album & film; YOU CAN DANCE - album

1989 She and Sean Penn divorced.; LIKE A PRAYER - album; BLOODHOUNDS OF BROADWAY - film


1991 TRUTH OR DARE - documentary

1992 She won a Grammy for Best Music Video (Long Form) for MADONNA: BLONDE AMBITION WORLD TOUR LIVE.; SEX - photographic book; EROTICA - ALBUM; SHADOWS & FOG, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN - films She signed with Time Warner to create Maverick, her own record label.


1994 BEDTIME STORIES - album


1996 EVITA -album & film; She won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for EVITA.; Her daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, was born. (October 14); GIRL 6 - film

1998 RAY OF LIGHT; She won three Grammy Awards for RAY OF LIGHT in the categories, Dance Recording, Pop Album, and Music Video.

1999 She won a Grammy for a Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television, or Other Visual Media for "Beautiful Stranger."

2000 THE NEXT BEST THING - film; MUSIC - album; She announced in March that she is due with her second child.

Personal life

Relationships and family

Early relationships and first marriage
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Madonna dated Dan Gilroy, with whom she formed the band Breakfast Club. In the early 1980s, she also dated musician Stephen Bray, who later co-produced songs such as "Into the Groove" and "Express Yourself", artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, DJ and record producer Mark Kamins, and musician Jellybean Benitez, who produced tracks and remixed her debut album Madonna.

While filming the music video for "Material Girl" in 1985, Madonna began dating actor Sean Penn. The two were married later that year on Madonna's twenty-seventh birthday. Their relationship was marred by Penn's frequent outbursts against the press, leading the couple to be dubbed the “Poison Penns.” After filing and withdrawing divorce papers in December 1987, Madonna and Penn separated on New Year's Eve of 1988 after allegations of abuse on Penn's part, and were officially divorced in September 1989. Of her marriage to Penn, Madonna later told Tatler, "I was completely obsessed with my career and not ready to be generous in any shape or form."

Post-divorce relationships, motherhood, and remarriage
After the divorce from Penn was made official in 1989, Madonna began a highly-publicized relationship with Warren Beatty while working on the film Dick Tracy early in 1989. Despite rumors that the two had become engaged in May 1990, the couple's relationship seemed to have ended by the summer. In a 1991 interview with Vanity Fair, Madonna said, "I'd go, 'Warren, did you really chase that girl for a year?!?' And he’d say, 'Nah, it's all lies.' I should have known better. I was unrealistic, but then, you always think you're going to be the one."

In late 1990, Madonna dated Tony Ward, a young bisexual model and porn star who starred in her music videos for "Cherish" (1989) and "Justify My Love" (1990). Their relationship ended by early 1991,and Madonna later began an eight-month relationship with rapper Vanilla Ice, who appeared later in her Sex book.

In 1992; Madonna dated actor John Enos, her bodyguard James Albright, and in 1994 went out with basketball player Dennis Rodman for four months.

In September 1994, while walking in Central Park, Madonna met fitness trainer Carlos Leon who became her personal trainer and lover. On October 14, 1996, Madonna gave birth to the couple's child, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. The couple ended their relationship in 1997 Madonna then began dating Andy Bird, who sold his story to the newspapers in a tell-all about their eighteen-month relationship in late 2000/early 2001.

On August 11, 2000, Madonna gave birth to a son, Rocco John Ritchie, with Guy Ritchie, whom she had met in 1999 through mutual friends Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler. On December 22, 2000, Madonna and Ritchie were married in Scotland. As of 2007, Madonna resides in Marylebone, London and her country estate in Wiltshire, with Ritchie and their children.

In March, 2007 Crown Publishing canceled a tell-all book deal, thought to be worth 5 million dollars, with Madonna and Ritchie's former nanny Melissa Dumas. The book claims that Madonna and Ritchie have a cold and distant relationship and that they are both fixated on money and restrictive dietary habits.

Post Adoption Pregnancy
- German Magazine 'In Touch' broke a story that Madonna is possibly pregnant with her third biological child.

Over the span of her lengthy career, Madonna also has been rumored to be romantically linked to numerous men and women including John F. Kennedy, Jr., Sandra Bernhard, Prince and Esai Morales in 1988; Lenny Kravitz in 1990; Michael Jackson in 1991; José Canseco, Ingrid Casares and Big Daddy Kane in 1992; Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Kiedis in 1993; Charles Barkley and Tupac Shakur in 1994; Chris Paciello in 1997; Billy Zane in 1998; David Blaine and Jenny Shimizu in 1999 before her marriage with Ritchie. But most of these affairs are unconfirmed so far.

David Banda adoption
On October 10, 2006, Madonna filed adoption papers for a Malawian baby boy named David Banda, whom her family renamed David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, born September 24, 2005, during her trip to an orphanage in Malawi.

After a passport and visa were issued for the child, Banda was flown out of Malawi on October 16.The adoption raised public controversy about whether special treatment was given to Madonna considering the fact that Malawian law normally requires one year of residence for potential adoptive parents.

Madonna appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on October 25, 2006, to refute the allegations. During the half-hour interview, the singer claimed that there are no written adoption laws in Malawi that regulate foreign adoption and that she had been planning to adopt for two years. She also claimed that Banda had been in critical condition and was suffering from pneumonia after surviving malaria and tuberculosis when she had found him in the orphanage. In addition, Madonna blamed the media for "doing a great disservice to all the orphans of Africa, period, not just the orphans of Malawi", by discouraging people from adopting children from African nations. She stated, "I wanted to go into a Third World country—I wasn't sure where—and give a life to a child who might not otherwise have had one."

On October 22, 2006, it was reported that Yohane Banda, David Banda's birth father, did not understand what "adoption" meant and that he had not realized that he was giving up his son "for good." He had assumed that this arrangement was more like a fostering agreement. A few days later, after the Winfrey interview, he said, "These so-called human rights activists are harassing me every day, threatening me that I am not aware of what I am doing." He was also reported to say, "They want me to support their court case, a thing I cannot do for I know what I agreed with Madonna and her husband." On November 1, 2006, Madonna responded to Banda's comments on an Dateline NBC interview with Meredith Vieira by saying that Yohane Banda had known what he was doing, having refused to accept her offer to financially support him and the child without adopting the child.

Because of Malawi laws, Madonna and Guy Ritchie remain David Banda's foster parents for the required eighteen-month period.

Kabbalah Center
Since the late-1990s, Madonna has become a devotee of the Kabbalah Centre and a disciple of its controversial head Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife Karen. Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie attend Kabbalah classes and have been reported to have adopted a number of aspects of the movement associated with Judaism. The media has reported that Madonna has taken on the Biblical name of Esther and has donated millions of dollars to Kabbalah Centres in London, New York, and Los Angeles. She no longer performs on Friday nights because this is the time when the Jewish Sabbath begins. Madonna wears a red string and has visited Israel with members of the Kabbalah Centre to celebrate some of the Jewish holidays. She also studies personally with her own private-tutor, Rabbi Eitan Yardeni, whose wife Sarah Yardeni runs Madonna's favorite charitable project, "Spirituality for Kids", a subsidiary of the Kabbalah Centre.Madonna reportedly donated $21 million towards a new Kabbalah school for children.

Controversy erupted again well before the release of her most recent album Confessions on a Dance Floor. Many Israeli rabbis condemned Madonna and the forthcoming song "Isaac" (tenth on its track listing) because they believed the song to be a tribute to Rabbi Isaac Luria, also known as Yitzhak Luria (1534–1572), one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time, and claimed that Jewish law forbids using a holy rabbi's name for profit. In interviews, Madonna had called this song: "The Binding of Isaac" and rumors spread that it was based on the major episode in the life of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac. Despite continued accusations that the song is about Isaac Luria, Madonna has repeatedly denied such accusations, claiming she could not think of a title for the song and, therefore, named it after Yitzhak (Isaac) Sinwani. In the song, Madonna sings with Sinwani, an Israeli singer, who is chanting a Yemenite Jewish song. Said Madonna: "The album isn't even out, so how could Jewish scholars in Israel know what my song is about? I don't know enough about Isaac Luria to write a song, though I've learned a bit in my studies."

Madonna has openly defended her Kabbalah studies by stating, for example:

“ I wouldn't say studying Kabbalah for eight years goes under the category or falls under the category of being a fad or a trend. Now there might be people who are interested in it because they think it's trendy, but I can assure you that studying Kabbalah is actually a very challenging thing to do. It requires a lot of work, a lot of reading, a lot of time, a lot of commitment and a lot of discipline. ”

Furthermore, Madonna said in a BBC interview that she believes Christianity is intolerant of questioning, whereas Kabbalah is not. Madonna has also defended Kabbalah against detractors who claim it is a cult designed to extort money from followers.

Paris Hilton Describes Jail as 'Traumatic'

LOS ANGELES (US): Paris Hilton told CNN's Larry King she would never again drink and drive and that her time in jail was "a time-out in life."

In her first televised interview since leaving jail, a demure Hilton said Wednesday that even though she's an Aquarius and "we're social people," her time behind bars taught her "there's a lot more important things in life" than partying.

"I'm frankly sick of it," Hilton said, with loose, re-blonded locks and camera-ready makeup. "I've been going out for a long time now. Yeah, it's fun, but it's not going to be the mainstay of my life anymore."

She said her incarceration was "a very traumatic experience" that inspired a "journey" of self-discovery that she intends to continue. The world will see a new Paris Hilton, she said.

"I'm glad it happened in a way because it's changed my life forever," she said in the pre-taped, hour-long interview. "I feel stronger than ever and, I don't know, I feel like this is a lesson in disguise."

The hotel heiress spent about 23 days in custody before she was sprung Tuesday. Hilton passed the time, she said, considering "what was important and what I want to do."

Using her fame to bring attention to social causes rather than the newest Hollywood nightspot, she said"I feel like being in the spotlight, I have a platform where I can raise awareness for so many great causes and just do so much with this instead of superficial things like going out," she said. "I want to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis."

Hilton said a big misconception about her is that she lives off her family's money."I completely disagree with that," she said.

I work very hard. I run a business. I've had a book on The New York Times best-sellers list. I'm on the fifth season of my TV show. I did an album. I do movies."

The media has exaggerated her party-girl image, she said, telling King twice she's never taken drugs and does not have a drinking problem.

"I'm not really into it," Hilton said of drinking.

Asked why she never tried to correct inaccurate reports of partying and drug use, Hilton said, "I'm telling you right now so I put a stop to it."

Alone in her cell for 23 hours a day, Hilton devoted herself to reading, writing and thinking. She said she made plans to help her fellow inmates and imagined ways to be "a more responsible role model."

"I feel like God does make everything happen for a reason," she said. "And it gave me, you know, a time-out in life just to really find out what is important and what I want to do, figure out who I am."

Educated in Roman Catholic schools, Hilton said she's "always been religious" and "always had a sense of spirituality but even more so after being in jail."

She bought a Bible from the jail commissary and read it daily, she said. Asked to name her favorite
passage, she smiled and looked away.

"I don't have a favorite," she said.

At various points during the interview, Hilton read excerpts from her jailtime journals, beginning each passage with a heavy sigh. She wrote about being at a crossroads, characterizing it as "neither a downfall nor a failure, but a new beginning," and about her "compassion for those I left behind at the prison."

"I want to help set up a place where these women can get themselves back on their feet," she read. "I know I can make a difference and hopefully stop this vicious circle of these people going in and out of jail."

Hilton said she suffers from claustrophobia and attention deficit disorder, for which she takes medication.

She said sheriff's officials released her to home confinement after just three days because of
claustrophobia and anxiety and panic attacks.

After a judge ordered her back to jail, Hilton said she coped by meditating and reading letters from fans.

But she still had nightmares of "someone trying to break into my cell and hurt me."

"Just the whole idea of being in jail is really scary," she said. "I hate to be alone so that was really just hard for me in the beginning."

When asked about the party crowd she hangs with, including Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and her reality TV co-star Nicole Richie, Hilton said "everybody makes mistakes."

"I think it's hard for anyone when you're in the spotlight so much," she said. "It's overwhelming for any young girl, but I've handled it well."●

Paris Hilton set for move?

Paris is apparently concerned that her current home is surrounded by the temptation of clubs and bars
Paris Hilton appears to have been serious about turning over a new leaf after reports claim she wants to move to a quieter area.

It is believed the heiress has asked her dad to find her a new house in Beverly Hills.

Paris is apparently concerned that her current home is surrounded by the temptation of clubs and bars.

But the 26-year-old's plan might be flawed as the area she'd like to move to might not be so quiet considering rocker Ozzy Osbourne recently sold his mansion there because it was too noisy.

Paris was released from jail on June 26 to a media frenzy.

In her first interview with Larry King, Hilton said that she wanted to continue her "journey" of self-discovery.