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Thanks to the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, gentlemen don't prefer blondes anymore, and cattlemen like them dumb and docile

"I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada" -- Britney Spears

Blame Britney, Paris Hilton and David Miller.

Blondes are the new pariahs. The misfits of society.

The big Sun Media sex survey this week has them trailing brunettes and even black-tops in sex appeal.

Even more shocking, Men's Health magazine tells me 75% of men would rather wake up with a brunette than with a blond.

"Good grief," says the blond with whom I usually wake up. "Do something about this. Write something."

So I start with Strawberry blond Sheila McNevan is the director.

I reach her at home near Peterborough.

Say, Sheila, how many blondes in Ontario?

"Oh, about 10,000."

That's all? Maybe the surveys are right.

What's new with blondes, Sheila?

"Well, we had our big Cream of the Crop sale last Saturday at Hoard's Station near Campbellford."

A sale? That's weird. You people sell blondes?!

"Just your better blondes. Not your lower end ones."

I wish I'd known. What makes a top blond?

"They're very lean. And blondes are known for their docility. Nice and quiet and easy to handle."

Not in my experience. Anyway, how many blondes did they sell on Saturday?

"About 100 of them. Best price was about $3,500."

That's a bargain. Maybe Paris Hilton has brought the price down.

So, what does one look for when buying a blond?

"Well, the men usually talk about nice legs, good hips, a good back so they don't slouch.

"And the udder of course."

The what?

"The udder. She has to have a strong udder."

Holy cow, Sheila. I'm finally catching on. Like a blond with half a brain. (What do you call her? Gifted.) Is it true that blondes are dumb?

"No more than any other cow," she says. "We have about 400 head on our farm, all different breeds."

Limousin, Jersey, Angus.

"The blondes are the most fun."

Official name is Blonde d'Aquitaine, a beef breed brought here from France in 1971. The Ontario association's slogan is "Cattlemen Prefer Blondes."

Seriously, back to our survey. I call Johnny Cupello, hairdresser to the stars, at his JCSalons, on Bloor St.

Are blondes on the run, Johnny?

"Bull!" he says.

Oh, don't start with the cattle thing, Johnny.

"At least 70% of the women who come into my salon want to be blond"

He thinks a minute. "At least the ones 35 and up.

"The reverse is true under 35. They want brunette. That's the trend right now."

For one thing, brunette hair colouring is easier on your follicles than platinum blond.

Besides, says Johnny, evolution will make true blondes extinct in a few decades.

Imagine, in the year 2107, the World Blond Museum.

Exhibits honouring Marilyn, Mae West, Diana, Jean Harlow, Barbie, Nick Nolte, Anna Kournikova, Eminem, Sharon Stone, Redford, Gwyneth, Dolph Lundgren, Sweden, Reese Witherspoon ...

Fear not, though. Blondes, real or otherwise, aren't going anywhere.

Those survey results look mighty suspicious to me. I bet respondents were being politically correct. I don't believe 75% of men want to wake up with a brunette, not a blond.


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Shilpa Shetty Photos Biography

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty Pictures and Shilpa Shetty Biography

Shilpa Shetty (Tulu: ಶಿಲ್ಪ ಶೆಟ್ಟಿ) (born 8 June 1975 in Tamil Nadu, India) is a four-time Filmfare Award-nominated Indian film actress and model. Since making her debut in the film Baazigar (1993), she has appeared in nearly 50 films, her first leading role being in 1994 in Aag. She resides at the centre of the Hindi-language film industry in Mumbai, India. Her younger sister Shamita Shetty is also a Bollywood film actress.

Shilpa was crowned the winner of the British Celebrity Big Brother on 28 January 2007 with 63% of the final vote, after an international racism controversy involving her and fellow contestants Jade Goody, Jo O'Meara and Danielle Lloyd. Shetty has now been estimated in recent polls as one of richest celebrities to date. She has an estimated net worth of £236 Million.


Shilpa Shetty was born in a strict and traditional close-knit family that hails from the matrilineal Bunt community of Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka although she was born in Mangalore. She is the eldest daughter of Surendra and Sunanda Shetty, manufacturers of tamper-proof caps for the pharmaceutical industry, and her native language is Tulu although she can speak nearly ten other languages at differing levels including English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu and basic French. One of her nicknames is "Silly Pooh".

Shilpa Shetty wallpaper
Shilpa Shetty

She attended St. Anthony Girls' High School, located in Chembur, and later attended Podar College. She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. She is also into sports and was the captain of the baseball team in school and earned a black belt in Karate and currently a dancesport expert and enthusiast.


Film career

Shilpa Shetty gold dress
Shilpa Shetty

Shetty started her career by modelling for Limca in 1991 at age 16, and made her film debut in 1993 with Baazigar, portraying a woman murdered by her psychopathic boyfriend. Although she was a supporting actress alongside Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, the film was a major success and earned her a nomination for Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award.

Celebrity Big Brother 2007

Shetty was a contestant in and the winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK. and is the first Indian celebrity included in the Celebrity version. Reportedly paid Rs.31.5m (£367,500 GBP) for her participation, she said to presenter Davina McCall, "I just want every Indian to be extremely proud that I'm in here". As for her participation, she stated: "I have zero expectations. The only thing I really hope to keep is my self-respect and my dignity." Sister Shamita told the Times of India that this "is the boldest decision Shilpa has taken hitherto." The Scotsman reported that PETA backed Shetty to win the contest and urged British viewers to vote for her.

During her time, Shetty instructed fellow housemates Carole Malone and Ken Russell in meditation, flirted with Dirk Benedict but tempers started to fray by Day 7 as a clique formed in the house disapproving of Shilpa's presence. Following a worldwide controversy that publicised her as a target of racist bullying (see below) within the house, Shetty won the contest after gaining 63% of the public vote and described the experience as "incredible and overwhelming". She further thanked the public for "a fantastic opportunity to make my country proud".

Post Celebrity Big Brother

In February 2007, Shetty attended a reception at the House of Commons, by invitation of Keith Vaz MP to meet with then-British prime minister Tony Blair. She was also invited to meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Marlborough House in London in March 2007. During an interview on This Morning, Shetty confirmed that she had been asked to take the role of Preeti Choraria's sister in EastEnders. Shilpa said that after much thought she would be unable to take the role as it would mean all her other arrangements would have to go on hold.

She was also the subject of a Sky One documentary entitled "The Real Shilpa Shetty", which was produced by British television production company Twofour. The large number of commercial offers that Shilpa received after winning Celebrity Big Brother themselves became reason for controversy with an increasing number of accusations about her riding the 'racism' wave to commercial gain. She was on the cover of the first issue of OK! Magazine to be sold in India.

Famous commitments

As well as modeling and acting, Shetty has associated herself with several other commercial and non-profit organizations.


In February 2006 Shetty lent her support to a BBC World Service Trust television show designed to tackle the problem of HIV-AIDS in India. The project, which also involved other celebrities Vivek Oberoi, Dia Mirza, and Raveena Tandon in separate episodes, featured Shetty as she shadowed a young achiever whose work involved raising awareness about the condition. "I have participated to show my solidarity to people living with HIV-Aids. I will do anything for them to feel wanted and special," she said.


In March 2006 various sources reported Shetty's joining PETA as part of an advertising campaign against the use of wild animals in circuses. According to a PETA India press release, Shetty is a long-time PETA supporter and has assisted the campaign by posing for photographs in a figure-hugging tiger costume. She explained that her crouching in a cage was uncomfortable during the photoshoot, but that her discomfort was insignificant compared to the pain suffered by the creatures. "These once dignified animals only leave their cages, which are barely larger than the size of their bodies, for a few minutes each day to be forced into the ring to perform tricks which make no sense and are upsetting to them. The best way to help animals suffering in circuses is to boycott the circus".

Romanov Vodka

In a May 2006 press conference, it was announced that Shetty would be the brand ambassador of Romanov Vodka. Sami Lala, President of United Spirits, said that Shetty was chosen for her status as an "aspirational icon", and that her "innate style, energy and attitude highlight the core attributes of the brand.

Personal life

Shetty is a frequent subject of speculation regarding romance. However, she has remained tight-lipped whenever questions of marriage are posed to her. Her previous relationships include an affair with actor Akshay Kumar, whom she met on the Main Khiladi Tu Anari set in 1994. The couple split in 2000 after he started dating Shetty's friend and fellow actress Twinkle Khanna after a previous indiscretion, and which led to Shetty's successful suing of Stardust magazine for publishing a "damaging" report about the affair.


Shetty has been the subject of several controversies.

Mafia links

In May 2003 a controversy erupted over alleged links between Shetty's parents and the Indian underworld. The Surat police issued arrest warrants against her parents on charges of extortion. Police Commissioner of Surat, D.K. Gupta, told the media that the owners of Praful Sarees had lodged complaints with them after claiming to receive threatening telephone calls from Mumbai-based underworld figures asking for money on behalf of the Shettys. The dispute between the two parties related to a 1998 modelling assignment where Shilpa endorsed Praful Sarees and had only been paid Rs. 50 lakhs (over $113,000) out of a contractually-agreed agreed 3 crores ($679,000). Agarwal claimed that the full sum had been paid in advance, but he had no knowledge of how much had been paid to Shilpa. Surendra Shetty was refused bail by a Mumbai court although bail was granted to Sunanda, as she had been travelling abroad at the time the warrant was issued. The police further claimed to possess a record of a telephone call between Shilpa's parents and Pankaj Agarwal, the owner of Praful Sarees. This was denied by the parents and the tape was claimed to have been "manipulated".

Richard Gere kissing incident

Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty
Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty
Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty video

On April 15, 2007, Shetty was kissed several times in jest on the cheek by Richard Gere during an AIDS-awareness event. The pair had appeared at a press conference in New Delhi as part of a campaign to preach safe sex to truck drivers in India and promotion of AIDS awareness. The kiss prompted protesters, allegedly members of the right-wing Hindu nationalist group Shiv Sena, to beat burning effigies of Gere with sticks. Others set fire to glamour shots of Shetty. People demanded an apology from her and threatened to ban her movies in the state. Shiv Sena leaders denied involvement in the protests, but Shiv Sena member of parliament Sanjay Raut observed that that protests are "just a manifestation of the anger of the general public" and that there was "nothing wrong with expressing contempt at such an act"

Similar protests broke out in other cities, including Varanasi, Hinduism's holiest city, and in the northern town of Meerut, where crowds of hundreds of thousands chanted "Down with Shilpa Shetty!" Star News Office was also attacked. The protests did not take any violent turn and the situation was quickly brought under control with some activists being detained.

Shetty responded to these protests by saying "I understand this (kissing) is his (Gere's) culture, not ours. But this was not such a big thing or so obscene for people to overreact in such a manner. I understand people's sentiments, but I don't want a foreigner to take bad memories from here."

On April 26, 2007 an Indian court in Rajasthan issued a warrant for Shetty and Gere's arrest.

The legal action against both Shetty and Gere has been suspended by the Indian Supreme Court until the court decides on the case's proper jurisdiction. Gere has since expressed regret for causing any offense and Shetty has stated: "so much has been blown out of proportion".

Awards and honours


* 1998: Bollywood Movie Award - Best Supporting Actress for Pardesi Babu
* 2004: Giant International Award for Phir Milenge
* 2005: AAHOA Award for Phir Milenge
* 2005: Indian "Diva of the Year" by SaharaOne Television viewers.
* 2007: IIFA special award from local authorities.
* 2007: Silver Star Award for her outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes
* 2007: Honorary Degree of Doctor of Arts by De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. Shetty is the youngest actor from the Indian film fraternity to join.
* 2007: Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award


* 1993: Filmfare Best Debut Award for Baazigar
* 1998: Zee Gold Bollywood Award, Best Supporting Actress for Pardesi Babu
* 2000: IIFA Best Actress Award for Dhadkan
* 2002: Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for Rishtey
* 2002: Star Screen Award Best Comedian for Rishtey
* 2002: Sansui Viewers Choice Movie Awards, Best Comedian for Rishtey
* 2004: Sansui Viewers Choice Movie Awards, Best Actress for Phir Milenge
* 2004: Star Screen Award Best Actress for Phir Milenge
* 2004: Sports World Film Awards, Best Actress for Phir Milenge
* 2004: Filmfare Best Actress Award for Phir Milenge
* 2004: Zee Cine Award Best Actor- Female for Phir Milenge
* 2004: IIFA Best Actress Award for Phir Milenge
* 2004: Bollywood Awards, Best Actress for Phir Milenge

Shilpa Shetty wallpaper
Shilpa Shetty

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Sarah Harding Photos Biography

Sarah Harding
beauitiful eyes

Sarah Harding wallpaper
Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding sticks her tongue out
Cheeky! Sarah Harding sticks her tongue out while arriving at this year's Q Awards, celebrating the top albums, groups and songs from the past 12 months

Sarah Nicole Harding (born 17 November 1981, in Ascot) is an English singer in the girl group Girls Aloud, and model. Harding grew up as a Catholic in Poynton, Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, and is the oldest member of Girls Aloud.

Early career

Harding attended Hazel Grove High School and Stockport College, she worked as part of the promotions team for 2 nightclubs in The Grand Central Leisure Park in Stockport. Harding was also a regular singer at Karaoke nights in the Whistling Jig, Puss and Boots pub as well as many others and did some vocals for Project G on some unreleased tracks. Project G was a band for which Harding provided backing vocals, long before Girls Aloud came along. She did some photoshoots for promotion but no album, nor known singles exist. Some tracks that have leaked onto the internet include "Searching" and "Don't Wanna Be Alone". Whilst working as a waitress and barmaid in Manchester, she entered the UK talent-search show Popstars: The Rivals.

Harding also entered FHM's High Street Honeys, the magazine's national beauty contest, and her pictures appeared in the first Top 100, but she later withdrew, upon achieving success on Popstars. A year later, she was voted one of the Top 30 sexiest women in the world, by readers of the same magazine. In 2005, she entered the same Top 10 at Number 8, slipping to Number 15 in 2006, and to Number 17 in 2007.

Girls Aloud

In the finale of the "Popstars" show, she was picked as the final member of the five-piece group, Girls Aloud, that formed the female half of the eponymous 'rivals'. She defeated Javine Hylton for the final place, in a result that provoked a measure of surprise and controversy.

Girls Aloud
Girls Aloud

As a member of Girls Aloud, Harding has taken part in many events and TV shows, such as the August 25, 2006 episode of The Friday Night Project. Sarah co-hosted the show with Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh. During her time with the group she has co-written numerous songs, including "Hear Me Out", which appeared on the group's second album What Will The Neighbours Say?. She's also credited as one of the writers of "Why Do It?", the b-side for "I Think We're Alone Now" single.

She co-wrote two songs since in the group:

Hear Me Out [What Will The Neighbours Say?] Why Do It? [b-side to I Think We're Alone Now]

Outside of Girls Aloud, Harding signed a £100,000 deal to model Ultimo lingerie, following the likes of Penny Lancaster, Rachel Hunter and Helena Christensen. Reports claim that Sarah was chosen to model the underwear range after she was seen wearing a bikini on holiday in the papers.

Harding has filmed a cameo appearance in a British independent film called Bad Day, due for release in 2007. She plays a brunette girl called Jade Jennings who sits in the back of a cab and swears down the phone. The film also stars Donna Air and Claire Goose.

Harding has recently been seen as the face of Coke Zero, upon its launch in Ireland. She will also advertise and promote Sunsilk with the rest of Girls Aloud.

Personal life

Harding once blagged a first-class flight to Dubai with good friend Danielle Lloyd. They later fell out when Lloyd became more serious with her boyfriend Teddy Sheringham. Harding stated this in an interview with OK! magazine saying that she and Lloyd "drifted apart."

Harding's love-life has been in constant speculation since becoming famous. She met her ex-boyfriend Mikey Green on Popstars: The Rivals, who went on to become a member of the boyband Phixx. After going out for two years, they split up, got back together, and then broke up again. She was also linked to Liverpool F.C. footballer John Arne Riise and the actor Stephen Dorff, a rumour denied by Sarah during a short interview on BBC Radio 1 with JK & Joel on July 13, 2006. From late 2006 to mid-2007, Sarah was in a relationship with Daily Star gossip columnist Joe Mott. She is now dating Tom Crane, whom she met while he was DJ'ing at Mahiki Nightclub in London. He also owns a souvenir stand at Covent Garden market.

On September 10, 2005, Harding was one of the celebrity bridesmaids for Jordan's wedding to Peter Andre in Berkshire.

Sarah is also friends with Mani from Primal Scream and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. In the Oasis rockumentary "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" Liam invites Girls Aloud to a concert during an Oasis photoshoot.

She receives most of her attention from her constant partying and drinking. The Sun newspaper has her in their "Caner's League".

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Kate Moss photos and Kate Moss wallpapers

Kate Moss
Kate Moss face photo

Kate Moss podium photo
Kate Moss podium photo

Kate Moss black white
Kate Moss black white

Kate Moss wallpaper
Kate Moss wallpaper

Kate Moss
Kate Moss wallpaper

Kate Moss
Kate Moss wallpaper

Kate Moss nude wallpaper
Kate Moss nude wallpaper

photo reference:

Kate Moss biography

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Katherine Moss, who has become one of the most recognized and highest paid supermodels of the '90s, was born in Croydon, Surrey, England, on January 16, 1974.

Kate's entry into the fashion industry all started in 1988, when she and her family were in JFK Airport on their way back from a vacation in the Bahamas. The then 14-year-old Kate caught the eye of Sarah Ducas of Storm Agency, who approached her. This chance encounter was the launching pad of Kate's hugely successful career.

kate moss in vogue

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Kate signed with three different modeling agencies -- Women in New York, Marilyn in Milan, and Storm in London. Her first modeling job was a topless appearance on the cover of the British magazine, The Face.

After that, Kate was on her way to becoming the latest "It" girl, whose face and body would show up everywhere. The long list of magazine covers she has graced include Allure and Harper's Bazaar in the U.S.; Arena, Elle and The Face in the UK; as well as the American, British, Australian, Italian, and Brazilian editions of Vogue.

kate moss in calvin klein ads

If someone could possibly not recognize Kate Moss from the slew of magazine covers she has graced, they surely would from all the advertisements she has appeared in. Kate practically became a staple in Calvin Klein ads, such as those for fragrances like Obsession, CK Be and CK One. The man behind these controversial ads, Calvin Klein, can be credited with launching Kate Moss' career in the early '90s.

In addition to Calvin Klein ads, she has also appeared in ads for Burberry, Cerruti 1881, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, L'Oreal, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Kate has also strutted her stuff on the catwalks for such big-name designers as Calvin Klein, Chanel and Versace.

Moss also made her way onto the small and big screens. She appeared as herself in several episodes of the British comedy series French and Saunders in 1996, as well as in movies like Isaac Mizrahi's Unzipped (1995), Catwalk (1996), Beautopia (1998), and Original Copies (1999). In 1999, she appeared as Maid Marian/Queen Marian in Blackadder Back & Forth.

kate moss in music videos

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

In keeping with the tradition of supermodels being cast in music videos, such as Linda Evangelista and Helena Christensen, Kate Moss wins the prize for the most music video appearances. She has been in Johnny Cash's "Delia's Gone," Primal Scream's "Kowalski" and Elton John's "The Way You Look Tonight."

Also leaving her mark in the publishing world, Kate released a book called Kate: The Kate Moss Story, which is a collection of her favorite pictures of none other than herself.

Although Kate's career has been multi-faceted to say the least, not all has been rosy Kate Moss' story. Mostly known for her unhealthy image (her rail-thin figure refueled the "heroin chic" waif look of the early '90s and she is known as a heavy smoker), Kate checked into the Priory Clinic in 1998, suffering from exhaustion.

kate moss makes headlines

Having been romantically linked to fellow partier Johnny Depp for four years, Kate also dated Calvin Klein photographer Mario Sorrenti. Recipient of the VH1 Award for Model of the Year in 1996, Kate Moss is unquestionably one of the most successful and controversial models of the '90s, having earned an income of approximately $10,000 per day.

On September 29, 2002, she became a mother with the birth of daughter Lila Grace, whose father is Kate's boyfriend Jefferson Hack. During her pregnancy, she posed nude for a near life-size portrait called "Naked Portrait 2002," which sold for approximately $6.5 million at Christie's auction house.

In July 2005, Kate won a lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sunday Mirror for "falsely claiming" that she slipped into a coma after consuming cocaine. Unfortunately for Kate, in September 2005, the British newspaper The Daily Mirror printed pictures of her sniffing cocaine with her boyfriend Pete Doherty, the frontman of the British punk band The Libertines. As a result, H&M, Chanel and Burberry have cancelled Kate's contracts, and many are wondering if the supermodel's career may be over.

biography reference:

Charlotte Church biography and Charlotte Church photos

Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church wallpaper
Charlotte Church wallpaper

Charlotte Church wallpaper
Charlotte Church wallpaper

Charlotte Church (born Charlotte Maria Reed on February 21, 1986) is a Welsh singer and television presenter who rose to international fame in childhood as a popular classical crossover singer. Since 2005, she has branched out into pop music.
Early life

Church was born in Llandaf, a district of Cardiff, Wales. She was raised a Roman Catholic by her mother, Maria, who was separated from Church's biological father. Church was legally adopted by her mother's second husband, James Church in 1998. Her big break came at the age of 11 when she sang "Pie Jesu" on the television show Talking Telephone Numbers in 1997, closely followed by her performance on ITV's Big, Big Talent Show in 1998. This led to concerts at Cardiff Arms Park, Royal Albert Hall and the opening spot for Shirley Bassey in Antwerp. She also received a vocal scholarship to Howell's Girls School in Cardiff where she started in 1998. She balanced performing and school with help from tutors for when she was on the road and said in many interviews that she was "just like every other girl her age".

Acting and television career

Charlotte Church face
Charlotte Church face

Church has made a number of cameo appearances on television. She appeared in the CBS series Touched by an Angel, starred in the 1999 Christmas special of Heartbeat, and in 2003 she presented an episode of Have I Got News For You. In 2005 she played herself in an episode of The Catherine Tate Show, in a sketch with the fictional character Joannie Taylor.

She made her silver screen debut in 2003s I'll Be There, co-starring and directed by Craig Ferguson. Church played the role of Olivia, the daughter of a washed-up 80s rocker from a one-night-stand, played by Ferguson. The film did not meet with widespread success, playing for only ten days in UK cinemas and being released directly to video in the US.

The Charlotte Church Show

Charlotte Church photo
Charlotte Church photo

In the summer of 2006, Church began work on her own entertainment TV show, The Charlotte Church Show. After a pilot episode which caused some controversy and which was never released to the public, the series began on 1 September 2006, on Channel 4.

The show, hosted by Charlotte and featuring two celebrity guests each week, involves a mixture of sketches, reality TV, interviews and music, as well as a recurring Welsh theme (the first show included a Wales vs. the World competition and a Welsh remake of Will & Grace). Denise van Outen, Michael McIntyre, Ruby Wax, Billie Piper, and Patsy Kensit were amongst the first celebrities to appear on the series.

The show has averaged 1.9 million viewers and 10% of the available audience, and on 6 October 2006, it was announced that Channel 4 had commissioned a further two series of the show. However, the show's ratings have yet to seriously compete with the well-established Friday Night with Jonathan Ross which is broadcast on BBC One in the same timeslot. According to her official website, the final series has now been deferred until after Church gives birth.

Church won a British Comedy Award for "Best Female Comedy Newcomer" in 2006, and the 'Funniest TV Personality' award at the 2006 Loaded Magazine's 'LAFTA' awards.

Personal life

Charlotte Church no cigarette
Charlotte Church no cigarette

Church's personal life has often been portrayed in the sensationalist tabloid newspapers in the UK (inspiring the song "Let's Be Alone" on her album Tissues and Issues).

Church released an autobiography titled Voice of an Angel (My Life So Far), at the age of 14 (before the release of "Enchantment" and just after she had wrapped up her "Dream a Dream" Christmas CD). Her eventual change of music direction is foreshadowed in the final chapter, entitled "Turning Corners."

Revisited with particular frequency is her love life. In 2002, aged 16, she moved out of the family home to live with her boyfriend, Steven Johnson (inspiring the song "Casualty of Love", also from Tissues and Issues); the couple split at the end of 2003. The tabloid press documented her subsequent relationship with Kyle Johnson (no relation), which ended in February 2005. The couple stated at the time that they remained friends, though shortly afterwards Johnson revealed graphic details about the couple's sex life to the press, leading to a slap from Church.

Other aspects of her personal life have been criticized in the press. In 2002, she was photographed smoking, and it gradually emerged that she had developed a smoking habit (another fact alluded to on her album Tissues and Issues, in the song "Confessional Song"). She has also been criticized for what the press have seen as excessive partying, with photos of the singer drunk or misbehaving adorning tabloid newspapers - including one in which she gave the photographer the finger. In recent interviews, Church has stated that she has stopped smoking and that her behaviour is now much more low-key.

The press has recently devoted much attention to Church's relationship with current boyfriend Gavin Henson, a Welsh International Rugby Union player: they have reportedly bought a manor in Glamorgan. At the end of 2005, she purchased a property in her native Llandaff, Cardiff, for a reported £500,000, although Henson has said that he is not part owner of the property. The couple have mentioned the possibility of marriage on talk shows and in the press, but put off any talk of marriage whilst Church was expecting.

On Thursday, 20 September 2007 at 10:35 pm Church gave birth to a baby girl named Ruby Megan Henson.

The couple have been nicknamed the "Welsh Victoria and David Beckham". In 2007, Church made another appearance on a British young people's rich list with Henson. They were ranked as the 49th richest young people in Britain with an estimated joint wealth of £10 million.

Philanthropic efforts

Church has lent her support to the production of limited-edition T-shirts or vests for the 'Little Tee Campaign' for Breast Cancer Care which donates money for breast cancer research.

She has also been a long time and very visible supporter of the Noah's Ark Appeal to build a children's hospital in Wales.


Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church

Controversy surrounds the circumstances of the dismissal of Church's first manager, Jonathan Shalit. He was allegedly discharged from her representation in a letter faxed by Church's mother; although allegations were later made by the Church family of "inappropriate tactile conduct" on the part of Shalit, nothing ever came of them. Shalit subsequently sued for breach of contract and received an out-of-court settlement believed to be worth £ 2 million (although the exact details were never released, as one of the parties to the matter was a minor and such details are protected under UK law).

Church has provoked controversy on some occasions with her comments and criticisms – in an interview with Davina McCall, Charlotte agreed that being diplomatic was "not in her nature". Her remarks on the September 11, 2001 attacks, saying New Yorkers were being overdramatic, drew some criticism.

The pilot episode of Church's new show, The Charlotte Church Show, provoked a backlash from some religious groups, as Church reportedly mocks the Roman Catholic Church and makes some controversial comments about Pope Benedict XVI, calling him a "Nazi" in reference to his time in the Hitler Youth and German Army, where he served on an anti-aircraft battery. One large Roman Catholic distributor of books, CDs and other goods, Ignatius Press, is reported to have pulled Church's products from its catalogue.

In her video blog entry for 22 March 2007, Church referred to the UK's Eurovision entry, Scooch, as "absolute shit" and went on to say "I've never seen shit like it, because Scooch really are shit". Russ Spencer of Scooch hit back saying "what a pity the voice of an angel has acquired the mouth of a sewer". Spencer's fellow bandmember Natalie Powers added "As a mother of a young child myself I find her behaviour and language quite unacceptable. What kind of role model is this for a mum-to-be?" Church hit back by saying on her Channel 4 show "They called me attention seeking... then what's doing the Eurovision dressed as air hostesses?"

She has claimed that she would be a better judge for the reality show X-Factor than any of the judges on the show. She becomes "annoyed" when their remarks are inaccurate, stating "they just do not know the ins and outs of a voice or music"

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