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Daily Video [02.28.10] YoonA choding dance in Family outing

I think many of you have watched "Hyoyeon great dance in "Drean team"
Now it our flower like YoonA turn or should i called it choding YoonA showtime ^^.
Today, YoonA performed a song called "I Know" by Seotaiji & the boys and captivated other family members.
The family members were surprised that YoonA who was born on year 1990 but she knew about this song which released on year 1992. Maybe YoonA listened this song when she was 2 year old..hohoho.

Besides, Jokwon had showed us her unique sense of "Gee" dance, and Taecyeon also performed T-ara " Bo peep Bo peep". Can you imagine when a beast turned into a cute kitty ^^. Hence, he also gained new from other family members which called " the cutest ever beast idol".

Go under cut for the videos now~~~~~~~

Yoona choding dance

Jokwon dance

Taecyeon " Bo peep Bo peep"

Daily Interest [02.28.10] Kim Yuna " Korea national Heroin"

Most of us, get to know more about Korea through  their favorite K-Drama or artists on TV and internet
Korea, a place where always hope to visit once in lifetime for all Kpop fans.
In Korea now, two girls name were the hottest  topics across the continent and everyone love them  
So Nyeo Shi Dae, a well recognized national idol Girls' group across Korea who well known for their great talent as artist in music entertainment industry. (no need introduction i think ^__^)

Kim Yuna, a young girl who makes everyone in Korea proud of her and  she truly is  a breathing work of art. I was amazed by watching her latest figure skating performance in winter Olympic, she was like  born to be a skater across the ICE. She is truly amazing and inspiring many Korean onto ICE now including me^^ (but in my works). If you look more into her past, you will get to know why this girl became the national star  now in Korea and she had overcome many along her way to the top  

She is just 19  year old, yet she  already a national proud of Korea also super star across the globe plus she just won 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic figure skating Gold medal and set a new amazing world record.
Moreover, she became the first female figure skater to achieve the "grand slam," winning the World Grand Prix Final, Four Continents Championships, World Championships and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Truly astonishing lifetime achievement~~~~~.

Besides, I've also figured out this young lady  figure skater world champion also quite good in singing. ^____^
GO under for more about this amazing girl , KIM YUNA.

Kim Yuna " James Bond medley"


Kim Yuna & Kim Taeyeon "Can you hear me"

Kim Yuna "IF"

Lastly, the Girl had tripled crowned on Inkigayo without performance due to their encore concert, truly awesome the girls^^.


Daily Videos [02.28.10] The girls hilarious dance during Dream Team!

On 28th Feb,the 2nd episode of Dream Team was aired.On this day,they continued their competition with each other. Among the various competition they had,one of them is "Dance Battle".

Of course,we can't forget about SNSD Dancing Queen "Hyoyeon" when we talked about "Dance Battle"!
And who were the one that faced our dancing queen Hyoyeon in dream team?
They are Jewelry "Jooyeon" and Kara "Nicole".

During the dance battle between Jooyeon and Hyoyeon, Hyoyeon was showing her powerful dance dance,suddenly her hair extension came off and dropped on the ground.As Hyoyeon felt embarrassed about her hair extension came off,she immediately ran towards the ground,picked it up and hid it ^^. Cute Hyoyeon~~

On the other hand,the dance battle between Nicole and Hyoyeon was also exciting and hilarious.
Both of them danced freestyle of Wondergirls pop song "Nobody".
Nicole expressed her dance in a funny way. while Hyoyeon in order not to lose to her, she hid her right arm inside her sweater then did the arm chest popping,which caused the crowds to burst our laughter!

Other than Hyoyeon, Sunny also did her hilarious dance too.
She had dance battle with BEG "Narsha"and coincidentally both are them are G7 members in "Invincible Youth"^^. In order not to lose to Sunny, Narsha danced with what she had and did not care much about her image as an idol as seems like she does not have the "idol burden".

These Girls really jjang, aren't they^^


Daily NEWS [02.28.10] SNSD "follow-up song will sing for Unnies"

Girls' Generation showed expectation to their
transformation. of their follow-up song.

Girls' Generation had accepted an interview before their "Into the New World" encore concert which to be held at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing  Stadium on 28th Feb.

During the interview, Sooyoung had mentioned:" the black soshi concept had previewed in "Oh!" MV, but the concept still remains as secret until now" " the never seen before image will be reveal to everyone soon". She continued smilingly: " until now we only cheering for oppa, but this time we will sing and cheering for Unnies ."

Taeyeon added:" the MV shooting had finished"," it will show to everyone after some touched-up, and everyone will be able to see a different side of Girls' Generation".
Girls' Generation had performed their first solo concert at same venue on  last year 19th &  20th of December.

This time the encore concert also will accommodate around 13000+ audiences , then Girls' Generation also will start their Asia Tour concerts  on April 17th in Shanghai,China, also on May 29th on Bangkok (Thailand) and for the rest of their Asia tour concerts. 

Original Korean article :

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Video [02.27.10] Music Core & Seohyun "We Got Married" (eng sub is up^^ )

SNSD perform "Oh!" on concert stage???
Today, the Girls had performed "Oh!" for music core on big stage which speculated as their encore concert stage.
The Girls' outfits on today performance are very nice and colorful. It's appear to be the new SPAO T-shirt endorsed by the Girls and it were called COLOR NUMBER-T.

Besides, the Girls' had also showed some difference choreography of "Oh!" song today which i found it's quite cute especially Seohyun part as below picture, love it or not^^

Also Seohyun "We Got married" has been aired today, Seohyun really is unique girl^^.

Go under cut for the Girls "Oh!" performance and Seohyun "WGM" now~~~~

SNSD "Oh!"

Seohyun "We Got Married"
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 


Part 4

PArt 5

videos credit to NulSaRangHaeS3


Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Video [02.26.10] SNSD "Oh!" virus are unstoppable, 4th victory in K-chart

The Girls' "Oh!" virus still going strong in K-Chart which they've obtained #1 again today in music bank, it was also their 4th #1 consecutively since "Oh!" song released. Furthermore, they scored over 20000 points again in today K-chart which are amazing score considered in K-Chart ranking.

Besides, KARA also making their comeback on music bank today with "Lupin" & "Umbrella" songs. The "Lupin" song sound quite catchy and it's really is a good comeback by KARA^^.

OK! Go under for the more videos now~~~~


 SNSD winner

KARA "Lupin"


T-ARA - I go crazy because of you

CN blue I'm Loner'

above videos credit to  UnknownCarrot100


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.26.10]SNSD Yuri will attend university admission ceremony together with Big Bang 'Seungri'

SNSD Yuri and Bigbang Seungri will attend the admission ceremony of Chung Ah University on 26th Feb as a freshmen.

Both Yuri and Seungri will meet the students and sunbaes during the admission ceremony.

SM staff said:"Although on that day Yuri had other schedules,but she will take a short time out of her busy schedules to attend the ceremony".

Both Yuri and Seungri had been accepted by Chung Ah University during last year October.

Currently SNSD are busy with their activities and promoting their 2nd album "Oh!" ,while Bigbang Seungri had just ended their performance in Japan and will return back to Korea. Currently,Bigbang are concentrating and working hard for the preparation of their new album.

Source:edaily SPN
FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

Daily NEWS [02.25.10] SNSD "Encore Concert? It's A Little Different"

SNSD's encore concert will be planned with slight difference than the previous concerts.

Last December, SNSD, who ended their first solo concert with great success, will have their "Encore! SNSD The 1st Asia Tour Concert" on 27th and 28th in Seoul Olympic Park's Fencing Stadium to repay the fans for their cheer and support.

The concert is supposed to be an encore concert, but as it is their first solo concert after their comeback, they are planning to reveal the songs from the official second album which hasn't been performed yet.

According to SM Entertainment's representative, if the girls revealed "Show!Show!Show!" and "Be Happy" prior to their album release during the December concert, then they will be performing other songs from the second album as a fan service.

It seems like the performances of the songs from the second album will be a great present to the audience as it will be performed for the first time during the concert.

SM Entertainment's representative stated, "Look forward to the concert as the members are very busy practicing for their new performances."

SNSD's encore concert is getting all the fans' attention as it has been sold out on the first day of the ticket sale.

Credit: Sosiz
Translation credit to typicalharu@soshified

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Interest [02.25.10] SNSD Yoona new Innisfree CF pics revealed

SNSD Yoona,currently the advertising spokesperson of Innisfree ,will showcase her moisture skin.

In the photo,under the lively and vivid activity,Yoona's moisture skin was eye-catching.

The staff said:"Recently the hot issue in the advertising industry are SNSD Yoona and Kim Yuna".

Nowadays people in the advertising industry are concerned about whether Yuna can obtain champion in Winter Olympics or not.At the same time,when will SNSD 2nd album "Oh!" make a breakthrough of 200,000 is also the focus of all people attentions. Innisfree products together with those endorsement products advertised by Yoona will also be the focus of attention.

From last year autumn,Yoona had become the spokesperson of Innisfree.She had been the favor of all ages of peoples based on her natural look.

FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.23.10]SNSD:"Digital Music Chart No.1"

On 23rd Feb at Seoul Westin Korea Hotel,"Gaonchart" first issue celebration was held at the hall of the hotel.

 "Gaonchart" is able to use as music chart comparison with US billboard chart,Japan Oricon chart,UK music chart and more popular music chart around the world.It is definitely the highest authority of  Republic of Korea in various popular music chart.

Claiming "Only the public selected music chart" slogan,"Gaonchart" based on online-offline sales data as the standard measurement, which expected to solve the music chart fairness and it's reliability of the source and in the meantime,there won't be any reflection of any subjective sales data.

Currently "Gaonchart" will be based on the mobile music portal service and dosirak,melon,bugs,mnet and soribada,the 5 music service business and services,together with cyworld background music service business data to carry out the calculation of total.

And also the participation from iloen entertainment, SM entertainment,Mnet media, Sony music,Warner music, KT music and ponycanyon,those representative of Music leading publisher together to have the total music sales calculation.

On this day of the first issue celebration,SNSD and Super Junior won the 'digital music chart no.1' and 'album chart no.1' respectively.

In addition,popular groups like 2am,CN Blue,seeya also participated in this celebration.

Go under for more pictures of Dandyu trio ^^^

Pictures credit as tagged
FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot 

Daily NEWS [02.23.10] Korea Launches First Official Music Charts Gaon

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Popular K-pop songs will now be listed on a local music chart resembling the United States' Billboard Charts, enabling both fans and artists to further enjoy, protect and spread K-pop music.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Music Content Industry Association launched the ``Gaon'' Charts at a hotel in Seoul, Tuesday, with hopes that it will create a more systemized and reliable music industry.

The word ``gaon'' means ``middle'' or ``center'' in Korean, and it was chosen to represent fairness and reliability.
Compared to U.S.'s Billboard Charts, which was launched in 1940, and Japan's 42-year Oricon, the local chart may be a bit late on the international music scene, but experts are expecting it will work as a well-balanced and an upgraded version of music charts.

The Gaon Chart is based on both online and offline data of album and music sales. It has ruled out radio airings, which play an important part in the Billboard Charts, and decided to focus on the transaction between music and buyers.

``It was only last year when we started this project. We have done many things to protect the rights of our musicians and their works, and I believe this chart will help as well. Music charts work as a bridge that introduces, spreads and exchanges musical contents to the world, and I believe this will be a chance to nurture the music industry,'' said Culture Minister Yu In-chon.

The local chart is divided into five categories: the Gaon Chart, Digital Chart, Online Chart, Mobile Chart and Album Chart.
The Album Chart sums up album sales by six major album distributing firms such as LOEN Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Sony Music Korea, Warner Music Korea, Universal Music and Mnet Media ―while the Mobile Chart will estimate the best selling ringtones and caller ring tunes each week. The Online Chart will calculate music source sales, online album sales and streaming services. Finally, the Digital Chart will sum up Online and Mobile Charts, while the Gaon Chart will present the final list that accumulates all of the top results. The Gaon Chart will be released once every six months, while the other four will be released offline and online on a weekly basis.

Online results will be made by calculating data given by top music Web sites such as Melon (, Dosirak (, Mnet ( and Cyworld ( According to the association, the offline and online data will be those based on the results made by approximately 97 percent of Internet users who purchase music online.

Meanwhile, popular girl band Girls' Generation and boy group Super Junior took first place in the digital and album sales categories last year, respectively. According to the association, Girls' Generation's ``Gee'' was the most popular song, while Super Junior's ``Sorry Sorry'' sold the most albums throughout Korea in 2009.

Steve Choi, the director of the Korea Music Content Industry Association, explained that the online estimates needed more polishing, as they have not yet come up with a definite strategy on how to calculate online data.
``The Gaon Charts you see today is not the final product. It's the beginning of Korea's official chart and we need to polish it up for the time being,'' he said.

Indeed, the Gaon Charts is in its infancy. It is yet to be released in other languages other than Korean and still has a long way to go to be acknowledged by fellow countries. While major charts such as the Billboard Charts and the Oricon Charts categorize their system depending on the music genre, radio airings and type of albums, respectively, it has categorized its charts based on online and offline sales. This had made it a leading charting system in the digital age of music purchasing, but whether it will successfully be embedded in the music industry remains in question.

``We have never had an official music chart, despite the popularity of K-pop around the world. The music industry has changed drastically thanks to the Internet, and the Gaon Charts will be in the forefront of such changes in both technology and music distribution,'' said Bang Geuk-gyun, the head of the Korea Music Content Industry Association.

Internet users can find the Gaon Charts by visiting its Web site at

credit to

Daily NEWS [02.23.10] SNSD Seohyun:"I hope to create wonderful memories of college life"

Upon knowing the news about SNSD maknae Seohyun will be attending Dongguk University admission orientation, the fans from the same school showed their overwhelming response to it.

According to what SM in-charge person had said,Seohyun will be attending Dongguk University admission orientation that will be held in the stadium on 23rd Feb.Seohyun specially take a short break out of her tight schedule to attend this admission orientation and  meet the freshmen of 2010.

One of the student who also went for the orientation said:"I'm also a SNSD fan. Being able to see Seohyun,I felt honored with it".Another student added:"Although we are from different courses,but it would be the best  if I am able to meet Seohyun during school time".

On the other hand,in order to congratulate Seohyun who became a freshmen this year in the university,fans have prepared something for it.

In 2009,while Seohyun was busy with SNSD schedules at the same time,,she had accepted by Dongguk University with an excellent results.

Go under cut for more Seohyun Dongguk university orientation pictures

FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

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Daily NEWS [02.22.10] Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun couple ring"

Jung Yong Hwa revealed :"Its couple ring,we have to wear it at all times because this is one of the mission of "We Got Married"."

To choose the hottest topic of idols to talk on recently should be CN Blue Yong Hwa and SNSD maknae 'Seohyun'.
Both of them seems to be determine in popularity,participating in the recording of "We Got Married",and wearing couple rings in the public created topics among the netizens.

For this couple rings topic,Yong Hwa said:"This is the couple ring that me and Seohyun wore separately" and he take a look at the ring on his hand and said that this is one of the mission on "We Got Married".Other than on "We Got Married",we also have to wear it on other programme and shows.

Yong Hwa and Seohyun "We Got Married" will be broadcast on 27th Feb,and Yong Hwa even praised her "wife" Seohyun is very cute ^^

PS:So sweet of Yong Hwa praising her "wife" cute ^^
Will Seohyun be praising her "husband" too?
Lets look forward to what will happen when this cute little couple come together?
Will there be fireworks?

FansTaengoo @ snsdlife.blogspot

Daily Video [02.22.10] KARA comeback " Lupin"

Some Kpop love sharing here~~~~
I would like to share with you KARA latest comeback single 'Lupin' MV  which just released today. 
After the famous "butt dance", Kara has showed another fresh concept again and the song quite catchy also.

The MV obtained the number #1 spot on real-time charts and within 2 hours , the music video had been viewed 90,000 times.And just now i checked again the number already rose to 160k ++ , quite impressive. I have good feeling Kara will create another big Daebak soon^^. 

OK! Let roll to watch it now~~~~

 video credit to BeryberyounG

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily Pictures [02.21.10] SNSD Fansign event

Today, SNSD held their fans-sign event of "Oh!" album on Timesquare, Seoul.

The fans-sign event only entitle  to the fans who have purchased the "Oh!" CD album on that day, around 3000 cd albums were sold but only 150 fans won the tickets to the fansign (according to silisnoys2@soompi) information. The crowd (fans) at below pictures just amazing, it's really showed our Girls' explosive popularity in Korea.

Only 5 girls(YoonA, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sunny & Jessica) were present at below pictures fansign, the other  4 (Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung & Seohyun) were present at other fansign event.

GO under cut for more pictures~~~

The crowd (3000 fans???), i believe the actual number might be greater than that ^^. 
Just look at crowds filled up the whole hall of Timesquare, O__ooo~~~ 


Daily NEWS [02.21.10] SNSD Sunny:"Kiss?? I don't even dated anyone before"

SNSD Sunny revealed her feeling:"I don't have the experience of kissing."

SNSD Sunny participated in the broadcasting of "Quiz!Change the world" on 20th Feb.

This day,Kim Jong Kook shared his experience about kissing,including  SNSD Sunny and 2am Jo Kwon also shared their personal experience about kissing,which attracted a lot of attention from the viewers.

When SNSD Sunny was answering MC Lee Hwi Jae question:"When men and women kissing,will they catch one another eyes signal first?",she replied:"I didn't even have a date before,so I don't have any experience about kissing."

Jo Kwon then said:"I would like to have my first kiss at home.With the presence of parents is alright for me". He continued: "I don't know why I would like to try a kiss that cause light dizziness".

After each of them sharing their experience about kiss,Kim Jong Kook then revealed "Recently I had kiss in the car.I actually thought of listening to music,close my eyes and have a kiss with my girlfriend,but it just came too sudden and it happened."

Source:baidu & newsen
FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

Daily NEWS [02.21.10]SNSD: Black soshi preview??

On the 21st Feb of SBS Inkigayo,SNSD had performed their 2nd album song "Show Show Show",as indication of the  preview of their dark concept that appeared at the end in their "Oh!" MV.

This day, SNSD had their black outfit which showed a different way of sexy as compared to "Oh!".

The black outfit they wore for "Show Show Show" seems to be the preview of the dark concept of them which appeared on "Oh!" MV.

SMent staff said:"The promotion of "Oh!" will be ending at the beginning of March,then for the follow-up song,SNSD will appear as their dark concept image for the upcoming activities."

Heard that,the 1st part of the recording of dark concept MV was already done before the "Oh!" album had been released.On the 18th Feb,they had finished the editing of the dark concept MV.

It is worth mentioning, SNSD had been at the No.1 position in SBS Inkigayo for 2 weeks consecutively.During their giving speech,they said:"We would like to share this glory to our staff who had work hard together with us,and to the fans who had been supporting and loving us throughout these few years."

PS: Yeah! Congratulations to the girls on winning No.1 for 2 weeks consecutively.
So Sone,lets look forward to their follow-up song and upcoming activities,the dark concept of SNSD!

FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

Daily Video [02.21.10] SNSD "Oh!" virus was keep spreading across inkigayo

After Friday K-Chart  #1 winning streak , the Girls continue to show their explosive popularity at today "Inkigayo" again which they've been awarded "Mutizen song" 2 week consecutively with "Oh!" virus. Congratulation to them~~~~~~~~~~~ ^_____^. Our Girls "Oh !"craze really are unstoppable !
And today their outfit (MV outfit) was one of my favorite  also. The Girls had performed 2 songs "Oh!" & "ShowShowShow".

GO under cut for today performances now~~~~~
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!~~~~~~~ So Nyeo SHi Dae saranghae..Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!~~~~ Mahni Mahni hae^^

SNSD "ShowShowSHow"

 SNSD "Oh!"

SNSD Yoona cut in inkigayo

SNSD "Mutizen song"

2AM - Never Let You Go

 C.N Blue with ‘Loner’

Kim Jong Gook with ‘It’s This Person’

Kara Will Come Back Next Week

TRAX ft. SNSD SeoHyun with ‘Let You Go’

ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’

Untouchable ft. Secret Song Ji Eun with ‘Living in the Heart’

Ahn Jin Kyung ft. MBLAQ Mir with ‘Bad Person’

videos credit to bwmow4


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily NEWS [20.02.10]SNSD Hyoyeon: The 3 blank of kpop girls group!

Blank Seon Hwa welcome guests that we can't underestimate.
On the 19th Feb of "Invincible Youth",Secret member Seon Hwa,together with the guests SNSD Hyoyeon and Kara Nicole,are being named as "the 3 blank musketeers".

When Kim Shin Young saw Hyoyeon and Nicole,she immediately named them as "the backup of blank",and asked the question that she had for Seon Hwa previously again to them. Kim Shin Young asked them to use a proverb to describe "word with hidden meaning"(In Korean,it have something related to bone),then Seon Hwa answered "words that have calcium" which caused others to burst out laughter.

Kim Shin Young question,both Hyoyeon and Nicole given weird answers too.Especially for Nicole, who is still not so skillful in Korean language,thought that it is asking about riding horse(In Korean,'word' and 'horse' have the same pronunciation),and she righteously answered inside the horse of course got bone,that triggered people around to burst out laughing.
In addition,in this episode,they invited guests like SNSD Hyoyeon,Kara Nicole,Beast,
Yeon Jung Hoon,Super Junior Heechul
together with G7 to have a taste of the food that they made.

Hyoyeon funny dance

video credit to galio4th

Source: Newsen
FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation

Daily interest [02.20.10]SNSD Seohyun typical question:" Do you love sweet potatoes?"

CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD Seohyun on "We Got Married" will be air on 27th Feb.

On the broadcast of 20th Feb "We Got Married",at the end of the show,there's a short preview of the new couple first meeting between each other (Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun).
During the preview, Seohyun who just became a bride asked Yong Hwa "What is the difference between love and like?",which let Yong Hwa suddenly panic about it.

In addition,Jung Yong Hwa straight forward and asked Seohyun "How you think about me?",which alot of fans are looking forward to that scene.

Especially when Seohyun,who usually prefer & have more interest about sweet potatoes than men, she asked Jung Yong Hwa: "Do you like sweet potatoes?" ,viewers are curious and looking forward on how this new couple marriage will be going on.

Go under cut for the preview

FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation

Daily Video [02.20.10] SNSD back to the debut in Music Core

Today is Music Core 200th episode special,  a lot of special stage had performed by Kpop stars and our Girls  had performed cute version of Lee Hyori sunbae 'U-Go-Girl' & also their debut song 'Into The New World' since 'Idol Big Show' last year. Whenever watching it again, really made me feels like the Girls just debuted yesterday and it's brings back a lot of memories for me. Love it~~~~^^.

Besides,the Girls had also obtained MBC 'Music Core Show!' highest view rating based 200 episode viewers rating. The highest view rating performance stage which SNSD obtained was 'Tell me your wish' specials stage performance.

This special stage was performed on last year 18 of July at the roof top of MBC skyscraper building.
According to MBC 'Music Core Show!' views record, the highest views rating achieved was 17.2% or around 8.6 million viewers watching it during that special performances 'Tell me your wish'.(Let view it again, shall we^^)

video credit to joyceeishungee9

Following was Super Junior 'sorry sorry' which aired on last year 12th of September, the highest view rating achieved was 16.4% during that performance.
 video credit to tonhu1310

OK! Go under cut for more performances on today music core now~~~~~

MC Special Stage
SNSD + CNBlue with ‘Gee(band ver.) + Champion’

SNSD performed 'U Go Girl'

SNSD performed debut song 'Into The New World' Love it~~~


SNSD & Super Junior Cut  

Diva Legend #01(After School)

Diva Legend #02(Kara)  

2PM & SHINee - Dance History

2NE1 - Fire & I don't care

2PM with ‘10 Out of 10 + Again and Again’

SHINee - Nuna, You're so pretty - Ring Ding Dong 

Jo Kwon & GaIn - We Fell In Love

After School - Diva

CNBLUE - Magic Carpet Ride + Im a Loner

Brown Eyed Girls - L.O.V.E + How Come

All above videos credit to monmonsnowHD & UnknownCarrot3

snsdlife@NOW it's Girls' Generation

Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.20.10]SNSD Sunny: Kim Ji Seok:"relationship with Sunny's father is debtor and creditor"

On the 19th Feb of "Invincible Youth",there was an open house for G7 to invite guests for the show.

SNSD Sunny then called up Kim Ji Seok,who is currently promoting the movie "Chuno".

While chatting with Sunny,Kim Ji Seok then talked about Kim Tae Woo "I was defeated by GOD when I was just debut as a singer" and also revealed that he was one of the member from Rio,the group that was produced by Sunny's father.

Then Kim Tae Woo full of confident and said:"That time no matter which group had debut,none of them can defeat GOD".

Kim Tae Woo then asked Kim Ji Seok about his relation with Sunny,and he said :"I'm in debtor and creditor relationship with Sunny's father".

On the other hand,Super Junior Kim Hee Chul who was invited by Shin Young went down to "Idol village" even though he was busy filming drama.

And Bigbang Seung ri chosen Secret Seon Hwa among G7 as the one he had favor with.

FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

Daily Interest [02.19.10]SNSD Seohyun cute dolphin screech~

 On the 19th Feb of Music Bank,girls group SNSD staged a lively and energetic performance for "Oh!".

Today's outfit for SNSD are orange-yellow cheer-leading clothing which shows the cute side of the girls.

But when Seohyun finished her part at the beginning of "Oh!",while moving to the side,she gave out an audible dolphin screech as she almost tripped herself.
However,she is professional enough that she did not panic and quickly get back to her position and continued to dance,and successfully completed performing "Oh!".

On the other hand,when the show was aired,fans and netizens are worried and comments like "Seohyun indeed is professional" "Don't know whether did she sprain her ankle or not?So worried about it" are all around.

video credit to  dkpopnews11

PS:Indeed,today's performance really show an energetic and lively side of SNSD.
 It seems that a break for the girls made a huge difference.
Lively and energetic performance bright up the day of the fans ^^

FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation

Daily NEWS [02.19.10]SNSD will be making appearance on 'Super concert' on 20th Feb??

SNSD,BEG,Lee Seung Gi,Shinee,2am,MBLAQ and various popular kpop artists will be performing together in a concert "Super concert the blast" on the 20th Feb,7.30pm at Seoul Olympic Park.

In the concert,there will be no MC,it will only be music and show and the stage performance will all be high standard.

Recently just made their comeback with the new album "Oh!",SNSD will be performing about 4-5 songs.

BEG will be performing their famous songs "Abracadabra" and "Sign",male idol group 2am will be perfoming their popularity song "Even I die,I wont let you go",popular male idol group shinee, newbie MBLAQ, and Lee Seung Gi will be performing for the concert too.

The concert manager said:"Before the upcoming new semester,in order to bring hope and dream for the youth,this time round,the concert admission will be free".

PS: So,lets look forward to the upcoming performance from the girls ^^
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation

Daily NEWS [02.19.10]SNSD going to perform Sunbae songs in Music Core!

 SNSD will transform into Lee Hyori !

Based on the MBC news on 19th Feb,at 4pm on 20th Feb,there will be a special stage by various artists in MBC Music Core.
SNSD,Kara,After School will be performing various sunbae songs like "U Go Girl" by Lee Hyori,"My Name" by BOA and "Crazy" by Sondambi, on the stage "Legend of Diva".Not only they had to perform their sunbae songs and dances,they also had put in alot of effort on the outfit too.The whole performance is very much looking forward to.

Besides, 2pm,Shinee,2NE1,SNSD will also be performing their debut song "10 out of 10","Noona you're pretty","Fire" and "Into the new world" respectively during the special stage.
This is also the 1st time 2NE1 make their appearance on Music Core ever since they had debuted 9months ago.

MBC "We Got Married" couples, Jo Kwon and Gain, Kim Yong Jun and Hwang Jung Eum will also be performing their duet songs, while Daesung and Seungri will be the special MC for Music Core.
Not only that, CN Blue,BEG,Kim Jong Kook,Bae Jiyoung,Lee Eun Mi,Park Hyung Bin, Hong Jinyoung and various pop artists will also be performing.

PS:So lets look forward to the girls performing on tomorrow's Music Core ^^
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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Daily Interest [02.19.10]SNSD Seohyun first question for Jung Yong Hwa??

We all know that SNSD Seohyun had received confession from her new husband Jung Yong Hwa,but that's not all of it!

Based on what one of the staff said,the 1st question that Seohyun had for YongHwa was happened to be a typical question that only Seohyun will give.That was "What is your life perspective ?"; the staff also mentioned that just because of this typical question at this moment,a fresh feeling arouse from the simple and innocence Seohyun.
Other than this, Seohyun also asked Jung Yong Hwa questions like "What type of books you read?" and having conversations that shows her character,which gave a pleasant impression of her for viewers.

The staff also explained:"I know that fans are worried and against Seohyun from participating in the show "We Got Married" because Seohyun is still young for marriage.
All of these we can understand.So at the same time,while filming "We Got Married",we will ensure that Seohyun will be showing her true self,a simple innocence person,and the charm of her acting.
So fans and viewers do not have to worry so much about it."

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Daily Video [02.19.10] Girls' Generation Oh! craze continued to spread at K-Chart

Today, the Girls had successfully crowned Music Bank K-Chart again which means they've topped K-chart three weeks consecutively as #1 with "Oh!" song.

Now on various online music portal site, Girls' Generation "Oh!" & "ShowShowShow" songs was still going strongly in various online music chart.

Furthermore, according to "Oh!: album sales statistic based on Hanteo system, the Girls' album sales still managed  to maintain good sales record which had helped the Girls' tremendously in K-Chart's score.
I'm really looking forward to see whether the girls' "Oh!" song able to create another Daebak like 'Gee' song in Music bank again or not~~~~ Interesting ^____^

OK~~~ Let watch the Girls' performance at today music bank now.

SNSD "Oh!"

Special stage for Haiti ~~All Stars with ‘You Raise Me Up’


TRAX with SeoHyun(SNSD) - Let You Go 

 Today winner "SNSD"
above videos credit to monmonsnowHD

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