Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Interest [02.01.10]During SBS Inkigayo short interview,where is Taeyeon??

SBS Inkigayo was starred on 31 January.
This was the 2nd comeback performance for SNSD after their break.
During the show, the MC (Leeteuk,Eunhyuk and Shindong) had a short interview with SNSD before the girls' are going up on stage to perform.
However,during the interview,there are only 8 members.
Where is Taeyeon??

During chinchin radio today,Taeyeon talk about the red alert of the members health issue.
This is what she said during chinchin radio:

  • “Before the comeback Yuri and Sunny got hurt filming a variety show. Got a cut in the knee and… Yoona she was fine just walking then she fell on icy road and got a cut in her palm. Oh Yoona oh dear…So she got stitches oh dear. And Tiffany was doing a sports variety show and slipped and now got a cast. I dearly hope I am the last one hahaha. Early morning yesterday I caught a sudden cold and had to go to a hospital. And at the music show yesterday we bumped into each other doing a performance, and now I got a cast on my little finger. What is going on here hahaha. Now 5 of us have a red alert for health. But I think this is to clear the jinx. The Oh! album may become more daebak with this. We will firmly survive this one. We are OK!”
So this looks like the reason why Taeyeon was missing on Inkigayo interview.

Next,here is the picture where Yuri got bandaged on her knee during Music Core.

This is the fancam video during Star King that was starred on 25th January,where you can see Tiffany had bandaged on her wrist.

Lastly,hope the girls' will have enough time to rest and wish them recover soon.
Hope that the girls' will take good care of themselves and no more news about their injuries.
It really hurts the fans when seeing them injured.
SNSD Hwaiting !!!

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