Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily interest [02.05.10]SNSD Taeyeon sure has great taste ~

Taeyeon wanted to invite Kang Dong Won as guest for "Winwin".
SNSD's Taeyeon chose actor 'Kang Dong Won',as the one that she wants to invite as guest in the show "Winwin".

On 4th Feb at KBS new studio in Yeouido,Seoul during "Winwin's" production promotion,Taeyeon said:"Recently Kang Dong Won has been acting in a lot of movies,if he could share with us the story of the films and also would like to convey the wish of the fans".
Choi Hwa Jung also said:"For me,I would most like to invite Ko Soo because recently I just watched the show that he acted,he is so handsome!"(Explode out with a little giggle.)
And 2PM Wooyoung said,"I usually like to watch Ahn Seong-gi teacher works,so I would like to see him in person".

Upon listening this,Choi Hwa Jung joked and said:"You must name out female actress here",making Wooyoung so embarrassed.
In addition to that ,later on  Kim Nam Joo,Hwang Jung Min and 2PM will in turn appear as guest on 2nd and 3rd round of "Winwin".

side note
//So S♡NE,lets look forward and give support to Taeyeon MC-ing the new show "Winwin" ^^. And Taeyeon really has great taste when comes to ideal type....^^ Kang DongWon.

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