Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily interest [02.06.10]SNSD Seohyun: Maknae Seohyun has the best body figure.

The story behind Maknae Seohyun having the best body figure..

SNSD maknae Seohyun had been voted the best body figure among the girls.
During a show starred at MBC studio on 5th Feb,Seohyun was elected among the girls to have the best body figure when dancing.

Leader Taeyeon said:"Seohyun even in the middle of the night still practicing and she practice her dance while facing the mirror."
On this occasion,while she show her basic off-line of stretching exercise,she also felt abit shy.
Tiffany then said:"I often think that Seohyun now is like a lady instead of a girl." and said her blessing to Seohyun.
On the other hand,with their "Oh!" CB,SNSD will perform on 5th Feb at KBS studio.

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