Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily interest [02.06.10]SNSD Sunny: "I don't want to be a comedian"

Invincible Youth Sunny:"I dont want to be comedian star,but a mature idol!"

SNSD Sunny surprisingly announced her admiration of "mature idol".
On the 5th Feb,KBS "Invincible Youth" show the scene of how the girls fished and cooked on the ice.
On this day of the programme,we will be able to watch the scene whereby the members of G7 slipping on the ice while fishing,and how they fished and ate the raw fish and many more that we didn't see before,let the audience burst into laughter.

During the show,Sunny expressed that she admire BEG member,Park HyoJin,who has the feel of a "mature idol",and specially said that she wanted to change from "comedian idol" to "mature idol".
Sunny,Shinyoung and Seoh Hwa(secret) had been photographed when they climbed up to the rooftop of a residential house to imitate a show called "Open Your Heart".
Sunny opened the jacket she wore and shouted:"From now onwards,I will be a mature idol.Open your heart",which drew laughter from the audience.

Also in this show,the imagination part of other members construction of the brain also attract a lot of attention and curiosity from the audience.
Especially the part where how the construction of the brain of Park Hyo Jin allow her to become a "mature idol",drew laughter from the audience.

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