Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daily Interest [02.06.10]SNSD Yuri and Sunny:Brain Structural Map of G7

On latest KBS 'Invincible Youth' published the brain structural map of G7,and post it to the show's official website.
Image display that Yuri's brain,there are a large part is dedicated to sleep.But there is also a small part is dedicated to "Teddy Bear",which is Kim TaeWoo. Also,there is a small part for "Because of 'Teddy Bear',I had lost a lot of men".

Besides,the brain of senior member Sunny shows that "when doing boxing is very cute."
There was once when Sunny was angry with the other G7 members,she demonstrated her anger in a typical cute way.
Brown Eyed Girls member Park Hyo Jin,mature idol,her brain image displayed"older than 19 years old".At that time,when Kim Tae Woo requested live performances,"when I woke up in the morning,I am with my lover".Shinyoung then acted as the role of boyfriend,Park HyoJin shows her mature side,and gave Shinyoung a deep feeling kiss.

But,the worst brain structural image is member of Secret, SeohHwa.Because her brain structure image displayed was blank.Kim TaeWoo said:"This shows that inside your brain is white canvas,or rather said that you cant get enough attention from the netizens."
 SeohHwa tried to use an expression to cover her harmed feelings and said:"I think the netizens produced these images must have under hard work".
These images seems to show the recent trend,because netizens also created the brain image structure of Wonder girls.

Besides, Yuri has who known as also Yoga master in Invincible Youth has showed us her great yoga skill on the face again. Let watch below videos now ^____^.

Before this ^^

Besides, Yuri keeps falling off on slippery snow field and caused much laughter ^___^
(video credit to Myhappyvirus)

This episode of Invincible Youth was aired on 5th Feb.

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