Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daily Interest [02.08.10]SNSD: Ideal type for the girls is ?

SNSD revealed their ideal type of guy.

During "Sweet Night" that was starred on 7th Feb,it fully revealed SNSD ideal type of guy.
SNSD was requested to choose their ideal type among Big Bang G-Dragon,DBSK Yun Ho,SS501 Kim Hyun Joong,SJ Si won and Hee Chul,2pm Nickchun and Taecyeon, and various Korean star representative.During yesterday "Ideal type World Cup",apart then having their grown-up photos, their childhood photos were also exposed.

SNSD had chosen Song Seung Heon in the final between the choice 2pm Taecyeon and Song Seung Heon and they used the lyrics of their new album song Oh! "Oh Oppareul saranghae" "mahi mahi hae our new album", as a short video message for Song Seung Heon.
Then the Girls also said:"Our dream gate is always open for you" , "give you the license,so that you can come to our dream whenever you like at all times."

Here is the video of the "Ideal type World Cup"

video Credit to prot0515

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