Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Interest [02.25.10] SNSD Yoona new Innisfree CF pics revealed

SNSD Yoona,currently the advertising spokesperson of Innisfree ,will showcase her moisture skin.

In the photo,under the lively and vivid activity,Yoona's moisture skin was eye-catching.

The staff said:"Recently the hot issue in the advertising industry are SNSD Yoona and Kim Yuna".

Nowadays people in the advertising industry are concerned about whether Yuna can obtain champion in Winter Olympics or not.At the same time,when will SNSD 2nd album "Oh!" make a breakthrough of 200,000 is also the focus of all people attentions. Innisfree products together with those endorsement products advertised by Yoona will also be the focus of attention.

From last year autumn,Yoona had become the spokesperson of Innisfree.She had been the favor of all ages of peoples based on her natural look.

FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot