Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily interest [16.02.10]SNSD Yuri: Fashion plastic boots revealed

SNSD Yuri revealed her fashion plastic boots.

Yuri and SNSD members are the guests for 10th Feb "Shimshim tapa" bora (viewable radio),and on the 14th Feb,the photos of Yuri wearing red t-shirt with red plastic boots had been exposed to the public, which attracted a lot of attention amongst the fans and netizens.

When she came for the recording of "Shimshim tapa" bora (viewable radio),her boots are stained with mud.It was because before she came to the station for recording,she had just finished filming KBS 'Invincible Youth'. After filming Invincible Youth,Shin Young who came together with Yuri for the recording of "Shimshim tapa" bora,looked really tired.

Netizens saw the pictures and said:"Even though its plastic boots,but Yuri have to wear it." "Even if that's the case,Yuri shouldn't be criticize." "She must be busy,that's why she don't have the time to change her shoes." "She looked very tired." "Must be strong" and etc..

That is how netizens reacted to the photos of Yuri wearing the plastic boots.

The girls are currently all busying with their promotion of their new album,comeback stage and individual shows..

sidenote: Really hope that the girls will have sufficient rest apart from working so hard.

Translated by FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation