Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Interest & Pictures [02.01.10] Fans gifts & SNSD albums sales Chart

The Girls' "Oh!" album sales were skyrocketing for the past four days but do you have any idea how great is it ^^.
Below table will give you some idea of how was the Girls "Oh" album sales doing in Korea now.

The above chart were divided into three category which are the Girls' "Gee", "Genie" and "Oh!" album and it shown you exactly the number sales of this three album in the first seven days when it released.
The above sales numbers were based on Hanteo's system (Korea offline album sales calculation system) and it'll keep updating everyday on various album sales in Korea.

Initial goal for Oh!'s first week sales was 50,000 and we already have over 48,000 so we're quite ahead.
And Congratulation to the Girls for breaking their old record with only 3 days even surpassed the  S♡NE all time favorite "Gee" and it took me quite a surprise with this.
(I'm always thought Gee virus was the most  powerful  virus for S♡NE but seem like "Oh!" virus has took over  it now ^____________^)  Love it or not!


Next is some pictures updates of  the gifts from S♡NE to the Girls ^^
Love to see S♥NES show their love to the Girls and it's does look a bit pricey for those gifts. 
( My sixth sense telling me that there's great possibilities these gifts are from the Girls' Ahjussi (Uncle in Korean) Fans ^___*, Ahjussi S♥NES Hwaiting)
 Let have a look on these great gifts now~~~~

  ~~~~ It's 12am midnight  in my place now, these foods look so yummy ^^ Hungryyy~~~~

        O_0000000 Big crab~~~ it's makes me reminisced the crab i ate  during my long internship in Japan...
Especially the big crabs in Hokkaido,Japan~~ I'm sure you will love it immediately when you have a bite of it ^^.
Ooooo.gosh~~Looking at these makes me more hungry now~~~~~.

                                     Yeahhh~~ i love dessert~~~~~
    I love these card with each member name written down on it and the cakes definitely is a perfect gift to congratulation of the Girls' Big Daebak in their "Oh" album~~~ Great job S♥NES^^

Finally, how sweet S♥NES is they even prepared a present for each of them. 
                                    S♥NES really proud of you ^____^

And~~~~ another  BIG cakes made by S♥NES..^^
Love the written title " Oh S♥NES feel like a million, The return of the 9 Angels" ***Clap..Clap...**
ChinChin short Updates 

SNSD are going to be on Chinchin this Friday (comeback special, bora !) along with Music Bank.
It's the Girls' first radio broadcast since their comeback, I'm sure there must be a lot of interesting topics waiting for us. So remember to Stay tune on Taeyeon ChinChin Bora this friday.

Last but not least, another creative pictures from S♡NE. Love it or not~~~ ^___^
No idea who designed this but one thing for sure...Jjang ^___^.
Updates finished finally~~~~~.

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