Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily Interest & video [02.04.10] Tiffany ^^ & Oh ' dance version

Tiffany Funny photos<<<<<<<<

Recently, some netizens have been collected  celebrities photos & captured various on-show angles, then conducted some analysis to these photos has become a trend now. TIffany's photo has been categorized as then  upload it to the web, and lead to much laughter amongst netizens.

After Tiffany's photos have been uploaded, immediately it has become hot topics among netizens.
Netizens have commented: " the hand-shake example was hilarious . really cool! the examples match well with the photos and etc."
GO under cut for a glimpse of the photos now^^.
(Pink color  words are Good & Black color  words are bad example)

     The fans just amazing~~~~ ^________^......Love  Tiffany ♡♡♡♡♡♡.

Next, SNSD 'Oh" dance version MV had released finally ^____^. Now we can learn and master the dance with this video like Gee last time.... hohoho..Love it or not~~~~

credit to codemonmonforever

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