Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Interest & video [02.13.10] Sunny no make-up face has revealed

Today, I've come across a few latest Invincible Youth video clips and it's really brighten up my days again.
Especially Sunny who have claimed don't want to be comedian star not long ago, but i can noticed there are a lot of potentials of Sunny gag and comedian DNA definitely lies within her^^.

     Sunny has revealed her face without any make-up recently on latest episode of Invincible Youth (epi.17), which i found Sunny was so adorable with glasses on her. She look really pure and cute ^^ and the glasses really suits her well. 

         Aigooooo, Bear Taewoo brushing teeth behind Soonkyu.

And Yuri also showed her glasses look before in IY ^^ which is adorable as well. Love it ~~~~~^^

Next, when Sunny is washing her face, Narsha comes next to her said: "after this episode aired, your name will appear on search engine web with title like " Suuny,face with no make-up" (jokes accent). 
In mean time, Bear Taewoo saw Sunny bare face and asked:" Who are you ?^^" Sunny replied:" I'm Soonkyu". Then other members were calling her:“Soonkyu baby" after it.

Next, Yuri wakes up in midnight just for facial packs treatment , and she really cute with the pinky pyjamas pant on her ^___^ even roll over other IY members.

More, when Yuri meet with aegyo kiiler 'Sunny', hohoho ^^. 
I must admit Sunny aegyos really are irresistible ^____^.

More, Sunny trying to act normal  and stay calm after ate the dumplings with wasabi. Poor Sunny ~~~

 More, Sunny & Hyuna's Oh Oh Oh Oh Ch Ch Ch Change in Invincible Youth. Love all of them^^.

Lastly, G7 performed Lee Hyori sunbae "U Go Girl" & JYP"Honey", really hilarious. 
You gotta love Invincible Youth, hohoho^^.

videos credit to PureAwesomeness88

More Sunny & Yuri precious moment

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