Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily Interest[02.03.10] "The M MC "Sunny" & "SeonHwa" (Secret)

Today "The M" recording was recorded some place around Seoul.
This episode was emcee by MC" Sunny" and temporary MC"Seonhwa" (Secret).

The original MC "Seoulong" (2am) was busying with his new album promotional activities so Seonhwa has replaced him temporary to emcee this episode music show "The M".
Furthermore, both Sunny & Seonhwa was familiar and known  each other well through "Invincible Youth" which is great helped for them to emcee. 

'The M' staff also praised:" the regular MC "Sunny" never absent to emcee the show though, despite of her  tight schedule and she always keep her spirit up. Maybe it's the Spirit of So Nyeo Shi Dae? ! hoho."

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Original Korean Article: bntnews
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