Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily interest[02.03.10] SNSD created an uproar of fashion!

Comeback with their 2nd album "Oh!',their sexy and energetic fashion clothes had become a hot topic!
Last year when SNSD are promoting their "Gee" and "Genie",their colourful skinny jeans and marine uniform had caused a hot topic in fashion industry.

Now with their 2nd album "Oh!",their ""girl fitted" outfit show the sexy and energetic side of SNSD.
In "Oh!" this album, SNSD appeared with checked,stripe shirts , extreme short pants and colourful covered-knee socks.
Checked shirts are one of the fashion design, Banila B and Olive des Olive produced checked individual items and checked top from Forever 21 are attracting attention of people.
Banila B checked sweater top are very suitable for the design of girl fitted.It has a feeling of warm and it came perfectly with jeans.

Olive des Olive checked top blouse have colour that show the cute side for the design of girl fitted,therefore it is quite different compared to Banila B and Forever 21.
As for the checked top from Forever 21,it have long sleeve that can fold up.It came perfectly with the shorts that also came from Forever 21.

Lastly,as for accessories,bright colour,heart shape and etc earrings will be the one for SNSD girls fitted fashion.Every time that caused a hot topic of their fashion,this time,how SNSD 'girls fitted' fashion can show their charm during this winter season?

FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation