Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily interest[02.04.10]SNSD:Taeyeon Chin Han Chin Gu

Today those who had listen to Taeyeon chinhan chingu,Taeyeon voice are appaling,sounds like Park Kyung Lim unnie voice...
Especially at the last part when Taeyeon bid farewell,when every words are spoke out,its exactly like aphonia,but Taeyeon still ventilation as always,still giggle at the end.

1. Listener 1:Today voice,hmmmm,is Taeng DJ going into voice change period?
Listener 2:Today DJ is Tiffany?
Taeyeon: Have to say sorry to my listeners that my voice are hoarse,cannot use my normal voice to host.But dont worry,Im still energetic,I wont collaspe so easily.

2. Park Ki Young :A few weeks didnt see my Taengoo,your hairstyle change.
Taeyeon:Ya,long hair so troublesome,I prefer hairstyle that are short,so I pinned up my hair to the top.But it seems that im not getting good response from people around me,all said that my hair actually already so less,why still pinned my hair up?

3. Listener:Looking at female that suddenly changes their hairstyle,there will be a little heart cardiogram.For example,SNSD Taeyeon suddenly changes her hairstyle,and become short.
Taeyeon:Ahhh~that one was actually a hair trick,I like to try out new things,maybe next time will try out bald hair.
Park Ki Young:SNSD cannot be like that!
Taeyeon:I know,I will do till "Voice modulation" will do.

4. Taeyeon:Now so many listeners are worried about my voice,really don't know what happen, I'm actually a person that will recover quickly as soon as im sick,and will be well when doing broadcasting.But now,my voice had been fragmented into 4 parts,so ridiculous,hahaha!

A lot of my listeners are concerned about me,and sent message to me,really thankful! Tomorrow SNSD will perform for their comeback special stage,actually want to show everyone my very best peformance,but don't know whether my voice will be alright tomorrow or not.Okay,tomorrow our performance will be live broadcasting(music bank),hope that everyone will love it!"

Hope Taeyeon will get well soon and of course the other members that are injured.
Hope the girls will take good care of themselves and come back perform lively on stage for us.
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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