Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily interest[02.05.10]SNSD Seohyun: SNSD Maknae finally graduated!

On the 9th Feb,SNSD Seohyun is graduating from JunJoo YeSool High School,follow by that,Seohyun's graduate photos are being upload onto the net and attract lots of attention of netizens and fans.
The appearance of pure,long hair,lets every male throb.

This year only 20years old,Seohyun fresh look had attract a lot of viewers attention.
Seohyun is now busy promoting their 2nd album "Oh!",but she is expected to participate her high school graduation ceremony.

Last year,Seohyun already successfully passed the Dong Gook University examination,and become a freshman of the university in 2010.
With Seohyun graduation,all SNSD members are already 20years old,is a fully 20 generation of SNSD,a lot of people are looking forward to it.

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