Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.02.10] YoonA looks best with colorful spring view

 Yoona had been selected as #1 in a survey  title "which singer looks the best with colorful Spring view.
This  survey was conducted by Bug music box during 25th Jan till yesterday. 

Besides YoonA, Gain (After School), Onew (SHINee), Lee Seung Gi and Jokwon (2AM) was also in the list.YoonA has voted as #1 and obtained 1884 out of 4702 votes which nearly 40% of the total votes, while the second place goes to Onew (SHINee) who had obtained 1277 votes or 27.16% of total votes which only 13% difference in votes compare to YoonA.

Netizens have commented like " If really want to recommend a singer who looks the best together with Spring view, it would be none other than flower like YoonA" " YoonA's outfit wears look good with Spring view", many  beautiful compliments like this left on the message board.

Written by Choi Joonyong News
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