Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.05.10]SNSD: SNSD won 1st place in Music Bank!

SNSD won 1st place in Music Bank that was starred not long ago.
Today Music Bank was a long one though and it lasted longer than expected.
Everyone were waiting for the appearance of SNSD to perform.

At the beginning,the MC were having an short interview with SNSD at the backstage.But,only 7 of them,and Taeyeon and Yuri were not there.
Fans and netizens that are watching the live started to get worry whether the girls will perform or not.
Because on 4th Feb on Taeyeon Chinchin,we knew that Taeyeon voice module was not in a good condition,so wondering whether she can perform for Music Bank or not.

SNSD appeared as the last one to perform.
Wearing their promotion clothes,checked top and shorts,they performed "Oh!"
After their performance,MC revealed the voting results for Music Bank.
Again,neither the girls or the fans got disappointed,they won 1st place in Music Bank with the voting of 23077!

SNSD's music bank k-chart score today:

Digital - 7399 (nice number, right?)
Viewers' pref - 0
Album sales - 14318
Airplays - 1360
TOTAL : 23077

Their album sales has shown an explosive results as compared to the others.
Since today's Music Bank ended quite late,a lot of netizens are wondering whether today there will be chinchin bora or not,whether Music Bank are pre-recorded or not and so on..A lot of "whether" are on the mind of fans and netizens.

Here are the videos of the girls' interview,performance and their winning!

Interview at the backstage.

Credit to thicindy

Oh! performance

Credit to prot0515


Credit to monmonsnowHD

Hope the girls can get more rest since they are rushing for so many schedules nowadays.
Looking forward to more performance and good results from the girls!
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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