Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.09.10]SNSD:MBC "Star Dance Battle"

 MBC Chinese New Year special series "Star Dance Battle",SNSD,2pm,Super Junior and various kpop artists will have their stage showdown.

MBC Chinese New Year special series will be broadcast on 14th Feb,and is a 80 minutes show.
Oh Sang Jin announcer,Hwang JungEum,Kim Shin Young and Shin Bong Sun will be the MC for the day during the "Star Dance Battle",with the combination of the Republic of Korea music and arts ,the dance battle will start!

This time Super Junior,2pm,SNSD,After School,Beast,MBLAQ,T-ara and various K-pop artists will have showdown for the day.
The wonderful combination of power and sexy from SNSD and Beast idol 2pm outbreak of dance will definitely bring the hottest performance and melt the cold winter.

Besides,there will be solo performance of "Heartbreaker" from G-dragon by gag women Kim Shin Young,and also Jo hye ryeon, Yu Chae Yeong,Kim Nayoung will be perform "Heartbeat" from 2pm,which caused much laughter for the audience and shock for 2pm.
Furthermore, the famous idol group Super Junior stage showdown, the powerful shaky dance from the ones whom comeback after military service Chun Myung-Hoon,Kim Jongmin, No Yumin,"Bo peep Bo peep" from T-ara,and of course After School who will perform the dance that students always did in the classroom,and the challenge of Dancing King title by various artists.

All these exciting performances will be reveal on 14th Feb.

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