Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily News [02.11.10]SNSD Taeyeon is ajumma??

Kim Shin Young said SNSD Taeyeon is ajumma and 2pm Wooyoung is a loyal man.

On 11th Feb,Kim Shin Young had participated in a SBS show.

During the show,Kim Shin Young revealed that SNSD Taeyeon is different from her appearance,she had an ajumma character. Kim Shin Young continued: "sometimes Taeyeon surprisingly  look like ajumma,so I will call her "Taeyeon ajumma".

Kim Shin Young added:" in Taeyeon case,sometimes when watching TV,she can't distinguish she is talking to SNSD Taeyeon or Taeyeon ajumma which made everyone burst out laughter".

As for 2pm Wooyoung,Kim Shin Young evaluate him as a loyal friend and when doing recording for "Winwin",their relation get closer.
Kim Shin Young even said: "Wooyoung is not only loyal but also brilliance".

In addition,Shin Young also mentioned that her plan for weight loss had been a failure because as she lost 12kg; at the same time,she also gained 13kg and Shin Young jokes: "bring laughter to people is her job".She wanted to loss weight not because she wanted to abandon her image of being fat,but she wanted to be fat as in good for her health,so that people around her will think that she is healthy.

She even mentioned that in the new year of 2010,she wanted to challenge wearing mini skirt.

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