Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.15.10]SNSD: SNSD New Year wish is??

The tall group members of SNSD had their funny wish for Lunar New Year as "Don't grow taller anymore during new year".

On the 14th Feb during SBS Inkigayo,SNSD tall group members Sooyoung,Seohyun,Yuri,Yoona and short members Taeyeon,Sunny,Jessica,Tiffany and Hyoyeon had their individual wish.
Sooyoung said:"We,the tall members hope that in the new year,we won't be growing taller anymore", while Taeyeon who represented the short members said with ageyo :"enough of all the cute words."

On the other hand,with their album song "Oh!",they won Mutizen Song No.1 on SBS Inkigayo.
With the win on 5th and 12th Feb at Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo respectively,as expected,they are at the peak position for the month February.

SNSD Sooyoung after the winning of Mutizen Song,she gave her speech about the award-winning,"Thanks to our fans and the family of SM Town" and "Thanks to our families who pray and worried for us.We won't forget the original intention of become SNSD"

"Oh!" is composed by the famous composer Kenzie,which had a style of retro pop that showed the lively and energetic side of the girls.The meaning of the lyrics is to confess to your love ones in a cute way without any hesitation,and these indeed attract alot of attention from the fans.

SBS Inkigayo Popular song include SNSD "Oh!",CN Blue "I'm loner",2am "Even if I die,I cant let you go",Kim Jong Kook "Its the person" and more...

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