Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.19.10]SNSD going to perform Sunbae songs in Music Core!

 SNSD will transform into Lee Hyori !

Based on the MBC news on 19th Feb,at 4pm on 20th Feb,there will be a special stage by various artists in MBC Music Core.
SNSD,Kara,After School will be performing various sunbae songs like "U Go Girl" by Lee Hyori,"My Name" by BOA and "Crazy" by Sondambi, on the stage "Legend of Diva".Not only they had to perform their sunbae songs and dances,they also had put in alot of effort on the outfit too.The whole performance is very much looking forward to.

Besides, 2pm,Shinee,2NE1,SNSD will also be performing their debut song "10 out of 10","Noona you're pretty","Fire" and "Into the new world" respectively during the special stage.
This is also the 1st time 2NE1 make their appearance on Music Core ever since they had debuted 9months ago.

MBC "We Got Married" couples, Jo Kwon and Gain, Kim Yong Jun and Hwang Jung Eum will also be performing their duet songs, while Daesung and Seungri will be the special MC for Music Core.
Not only that, CN Blue,BEG,Kim Jong Kook,Bae Jiyoung,Lee Eun Mi,Park Hyung Bin, Hong Jinyoung and various pop artists will also be performing.

PS:So lets look forward to the girls performing on tomorrow's Music Core ^^
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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