Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.23.10] SNSD Seohyun:"I hope to create wonderful memories of college life"

Upon knowing the news about SNSD maknae Seohyun will be attending Dongguk University admission orientation, the fans from the same school showed their overwhelming response to it.

According to what SM in-charge person had said,Seohyun will be attending Dongguk University admission orientation that will be held in the stadium on 23rd Feb.Seohyun specially take a short break out of her tight schedule to attend this admission orientation and  meet the freshmen of 2010.

One of the student who also went for the orientation said:"I'm also a SNSD fan. Being able to see Seohyun,I felt honored with it".Another student added:"Although we are from different courses,but it would be the best  if I am able to meet Seohyun during school time".

On the other hand,in order to congratulate Seohyun who became a freshmen this year in the university,fans have prepared something for it.

In 2009,while Seohyun was busy with SNSD schedules at the same time,,she had accepted by Dongguk University with an excellent results.

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FansTaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot