Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily NEWS [02.28.10] SNSD "follow-up song will sing for Unnies"

Girls' Generation showed expectation to their
transformation. of their follow-up song.

Girls' Generation had accepted an interview before their "Into the New World" encore concert which to be held at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing  Stadium on 28th Feb.

During the interview, Sooyoung had mentioned:" the black soshi concept had previewed in "Oh!" MV, but the concept still remains as secret until now" " the never seen before image will be reveal to everyone soon". She continued smilingly: " until now we only cheering for oppa, but this time we will sing and cheering for Unnies ."

Taeyeon added:" the MV shooting had finished"," it will show to everyone after some touched-up, and everyone will be able to see a different side of Girls' Generation".
Girls' Generation had performed their first solo concert at same venue on  last year 19th &  20th of December.

This time the encore concert also will accommodate around 13000+ audiences , then Girls' Generation also will start their Asia Tour concerts  on April 17th in Shanghai,China, also on May 29th on Bangkok (Thailand) and for the rest of their Asia tour concerts. 

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