Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily News[02.01.10]SNSD:SNSD comeback with new album Oh! ,actually under huge pressure...

(MTV Star Interview)
 Girls' Generation,consist of 9 members (Taeyeon,Jessica,Sunny,Tiffany,Hyoyeon,Yuri,Sooyoung,Yoona,and Seohyun),after the uproar of their new album on sales and preorder ,at the same time the members also express their thoughts.

On 30 January at MBC Dream,SNSD participated in the recording of "Show!Music Centre", the girls showed their comeback abilities through their new album song "Oh!" and "Show Show Show".
During the "Show!Music Centre",the girls' are being interviewed by MTV Star news,and they expressed their feelings about their comeback.

Leader Taeyeon said:" Before our new album Oh! are officially released, truthfully, worried and pressure are actually huge"
"During last year June,when 'Genie' was released,whether is our costumes or songs,to dance choreography are the strong side of SNSD,while this time 'Oh!' are the lively and energetic side of SNSD.So the changes of their appearance from 'Genie' to 'Oh!' is actually quite huge as we are worry about how to let our fans accept our changes.

But after the release of 'Oh!',we received more love and support from our fans,thank you."
Taeyeon also said:"Before we actually performed for our 1st comeback,Yuri and Tiffany actually were injured during starring Invincible Youth and Dream Team respectively.Luckily their injuries were not too serious,the album and performance are released according to plan.Also,very grateful to my members for their ideas and suggestions about 'Oh!'",and also presented their wonderful team work and flawless bonding among them.

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