Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily NEWS[02.02.10]The secret for perfect body ratio for SNSD!

SNSD have always been recognised by not only their talent in dancing and singing,but also their perfect body ratio.
Previously,Jessica and Tiffany trainers had revealed that Tiffany has the perfect ratio for thighs while Jessica has the perfect ratio for hips.

Now there is news revealed that the girls' maintained their perfect body ratio by only had 800 calories per day.
Through MBC "VJ Special-Behind Story" that was starred on 17th December ,it revealed that SNSD members only had 800 calories per day.However,the members make clear that all those are not the facts.

During the interview by Eastern Asia Sports, the girls' were asked about the facts of their actual diet.
Tiffany said:" Wow,if everyday you only eat 800 calories,will you faint?I can say that my everyday calories is more than a thousand,but we have rules to maintain our figure."
According to the members,they have 2 rules to maintain their figure.
1.Other than water,avoid other gaseous drinks
2.After 7pm,avoid eating any food

Tiffany said:"Actually is difficult to follow every rules." Just by listening may sound easy to do, but I agreed to what Tiffany had said,who can resist the temptation of supper?

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