Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily News[02.03.10]SNSD Sooyoung: The new born MC for Sweet Night !

KBS 2TV "Sweet Night" had a new member that join them for MC.And this decision will be a great news for the SNSD fans!

SNSD Sooyoung had been requested to join "Sweet Night" as their MC.
At the 3rd of Feb,the PD of "Sweet Night" and My Daily had discussed that,on the 7th Feb,after broadcasting the "Ideal type World Cup",SNSD's Sooyoung will be joining the "Sweet Night" as MC.

The PD of "Sweet Night" said,"SNSD's Sooyoung will be joining the 'Sweet Night' on the 1st week of March due to SNSD comeback.Now currently 'Sweet Night' MC have Shin Dongyeob and Kim Hyejin,Kim jongmin and etc.

PD of "Sweet Night" also mentioned that:"Currently,now we are still discussing about the programme in 'Sweet Night',but before we have special guests and special corner, 'Ideal type World Cup' will still be broadcasting."

This year January KBS 2TV had just finished broadcasting "Champagne" but the little corner "Ideal type World Cup" had been add in into new programme 'Sweet Night',whereby artists pick out their ideal type of partner.
In addition,the guest of "Sweet Night" that are broadcast on 7th Feb are Kim Jong Kook,the one that had his comeback recently.

Original Korean Article: mydaily
Translated by FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation