Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily News[02.03.10]SNSD:The girls' had insufficient rest..

SNSD do not have time to rest!
SNSD new album "Oh!" was released on 28th January.This is the newest album after 6 months when "Genie" was released .

This is also their 7th album after their released of "Into The New World" 2 years ago.
In average,the girls' release their new album every 4 months.This does not include the commercial songs like "Haptic Motion" and "Chocolate Love" that were released every 6 months.
A lot of fans are very happy and excited that the girls are back to stage to perform,but still, there are also lots of fans worrying for the girls' health problem. 

The main reason that led to the girls' to have insufficient rest is because the promotion of the album time are getting shorter as the songs can be broadcast by various radio.
Under this situation,SNSD albums,mini albums and ep are spread and promote through internet.
Although mini album is not official album,but for promotion of the mini album is the same as their 1st official album "Girls Generation".Especially during the year 2009,where "Gee" and "Genie" brought excitement to the fans,but the girls' did not have time to rest.

Therefore,when the fans saw SNSD at the start of 2010 already on CB,a lot of people comment that:"Instead of having rest,they are on CB?""I think they are overworking". Although fans are happy and excited about their comeback,but at the same time,they are worried about the girls' health and feelings.
SNSD are participating eagerly on various variety shows and programs.
We can watch SNSD on tv 365 days,all because the girls' participate in every commercial and programmes that are show on various stations.
SNSD had many commercials and endorsement,included Ramyun noodles,Goobne chicken, LG Cyon,Cereal and many more.And of course,KBS show "Hello Baby" where they become moms and took care of a baby named Kyung San.

Even if they don't have commercials and endorsement,yet they still have programmes to go like Invincible Youth,Family Outing,MBC music core and etc.Already so busy and do not have enough time to rest,yet they still managed to produce another new album "Oh!".Thus,another new schedule starts.
For us,we are happy because we are able to see SNSD on tv again.
Last year on 16 Dec,KBS1 released a documentary "SNSD and Ahjussi " ,we can see that how supportive are the 30-40 years old uncle to the girls.

Through this show,it revealed that the brain CT shows that their pressure decrease when the uncles are watching SNSD on tv.A lot of fans had said:"SNSD let us feel that life are full with joy and live""By watching at SNSD,it helped us relief our stress."This shows that,SNSD are the pill for people who are living under stress.
Like "Way to go" and "Genie",these are the songs that can help people to relief stress and difficulties in life.Because SNSD can let people to feel about how lively and joyful life is,so the fans are giving their full support to the girls,at the same time,the girls are then able to perform well during on every performance they had.

A few netizens said:"In advantage to us,we can see SNSD everyday on TV,but on the other hand, we are worried about the girls' health issues,whether they had sufficient sleep and rest or not." "I hope to give them sufficient time to sleep and rest." "Even though,health issues are very important." A lot of the fans voices out that SNSD should take good care of their health.
Lastly,hope that the fans will continue to give their fullest support the girls' while I hereby hope that the girls' will take good care of their health as the fans are quite worried about them.
 SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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