Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily News[02.04.10]SNSD: SNSD to be participate in "Music Dream" donation drive.

With the cooperation of Portal and Dosirak,SNSD will conduct the "Music Dream" donation drive.
To donate for the "Music Dream", Portal and Dosirak users just have to click "contribute" button,3% of what they had purchased will be treated as accumulate capital.

These accumulate capital will then be donate to a Korean donation group,"Make a wish".
SNSD songs will be broadcast through various programme and stations from KBS,MBC and SBS.
SNSD particpated in "Music Dream" has been a concerned for the fans and netizens.

People who had donate for this donation drive will receive a donor certificate.
KT Music parties expressed : Portal and Dosirak used music to create a common sharing sites, hoping that netizens will take part in it.

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