Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily news[02.09.10]SNSD Sooyoung:Sooyoung unable to be the MC for "Sweet Night"

SNSD Sooyoung due to daily schedule,she is unable to be the MC for KBS 2Tv "Sweet Night".
The  person in-charge of "Sweet Night" had said,due to the promotions of SNSD new album and followed by the increased of their daily schedules on various programmes,Sooyoung had to give up this chance.Although it's a bit pity but there's always next time.

Actually,Sooyoung had already prepared the recording for March "Sweet Night" show beforehand,but because of her schedules,she got to give up the chance of becoming MC for "Sweet Night".

"Sweet Night" production group said they had actually wanted to invite Sooyoung as the MC for the show when the show first starred,but is a pity that Sooyoung cant participated in this show as MC.

In addition,the in-charge person of "Sweet Night" said because Sooyoung unable to be the MC and her place will be keep empty till when there is a suitable MC to replace.

Because of Song Seung Heon,Lee Da Hae,SNSD and various popular artists as guest perform,the show had acclaimed good response and at the same time,their show ratings had been top as well.

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