Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily NEWS[02.10.10]SNSD Yoona: The truth behind Yoona and Taecyeon about the "dating" is?

During SBS show "Strong Heart",2pm Taecyeon and SNSD Yoona starring together and had made themselves clear about the rumour that both of them are dating.

Taking advantage of this opportunity,when MC Kang Ho Dong asked Taecyeon whether he know about the rumour,Taecyeon act as he dont know and replied "I do not know".
When Kang Ho Dong said "The rumour is about you and Yoona dating",Taecyeon started to panic and said :"Yes,I did heard before,said that me and Yoona are very close."
The Kang Ho Dong said :"From what I had seen,even if there is a close relation between the two,is only a painstaking for an official statement." This made Taecyeon more panic,and instead of saying "Yoona-ssi",he said "Yoona".

Upon hearing "aware that there is a rumour about both of you are dating",Taeceyon answerd "Yes".Yoona indeed also answered "Yes,Im aware about it".Always no hidden about her favor to Yoona,Lee Seung Gi started to lost his calm upon hearing both Taecyeon and Yoona answers towards the rumour of the dating.
Lee Seung Gi said :"Tiffany and "our" Yoona are very close",and this create a small commotion among the guests.

When Tiffany had been asked about the rumour,she said "Perhaps it was because of me."
Because not long ago,when Yoona and Tiffany were the guests for "Strong Heart",Tiffany revealed that Yoona had tagged along with her to have lunch with Taecyeon.Tiffany said :" I thought I had already made it clear,but didnt expect it to end up like this."
Follow by that,Junho from 2pm said:"Taecyeon felt wronged and complain that "Why are they saying like that!" after hearing those rumours." He then said :" But who knows the real truth?"

Kang Ho Dong then asked Yoona "Personal character,popularity,forget all these and just based on their looks and consider,in that case,your ideal type is Ok Taecyeon or Lee Seung Gi".Yoona then answered "This one even my members can guess" then said "Based on look,Lee Seung Gi".At that point of time,Lee Seung Gi finally felt relieved and recovered his calm.
Yoona then explained her reason:"But rather than cool and tough charms,I prefer people who are gentle and kind."

Here is the video:

video credit to toebeast2

Source: Baidu
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