Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily news[02.11.10]SNSD: Sunny is resting at their dorm..

It had been revealed that SNSD Sunny visited the hospital because of fatigue and body aches due to the accumulation of her tight schedules.

However the truth is,Sunny didn't visit the hospital but instead resting at their dorm.
On 10thFeb at the recording of KBS 2Tv "Invincible Youth",Sunny was not feeling well,so when she returned to Seoul,she was immediately suggested to the emergency room.
On the 11th Feb,SM entertainment in-charge person said although they suggested her to go to the hospital for an IV at night on 10th Feb,but Sunny think that resting at the dorm will be much more better.So they decided to see her condition on 11th Feb,then decide whether to let her visit the hospital or not.
Sunny didn't join the other SNSD members for schedule and SNSD had their bora session on Shimshim tapa on the midnight of 11th Feb,from 12am to 2am without Sunny.
Kim Shin Young explained to the fans why Sunny wasn't there,she said Sunny was being rushed to the emergency room after the recording of "Invincible Youth" as she was not feeling well.
That's why there were rumors that Sunny was rushed to the emergency room that night.

FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation

  • Hope that Sunny will get well soon.
  • No more patients from SNSD please.
  • Hope all of them will have sufficient rest ^^