Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily Video [02.12.10] SNSD "Oh" fever on Music Bank

"Oh!" fever has continued to spread across Music Bank. 
On 12th Feb today, the Girls have managed to secure 2nd win consecutively in Music Bank with "Oh!" song, and the Girls have expressed  gratitude to the fans, and their parents, also greet "Happy New Year" to all.

The top 3 songs  of music bank today was  SNSD"Oh!", 2AM ‘Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die’ and CN Blue "Loner".

Besides, the Girls also did a special joint stage with Joo HyunMi who well known as trot song legend 'Joo Hyunmi'. The Girls performed  " CrushDancing Queen" song with her and left deep impression amongst fans. The fans commented: " when legend meet with new star , perfectly harmonize".

Our maknae 'Seohyun' has sung a trot song 'jalajjaja with her before, i have put up the video at below to refresh you ^^.

video credit to thicindy

GO under cut for more video of today music bank~~~~~

SNSD "Oh" at Music Bank

SNSD "Crush & Dancing Queen"

video credit to prot0210

SNSD '2nd win'

 videos credit to prot0210

2AM & 2 PM

video credit to my2PMbabies

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