Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Video [02.28.10] YoonA choding dance in Family outing

I think many of you have watched "Hyoyeon great dance in "Drean team"
Now it our flower like YoonA turn or should i called it choding YoonA showtime ^^.
Today, YoonA performed a song called "I Know" by Seotaiji & the boys and captivated other family members.
The family members were surprised that YoonA who was born on year 1990 but she knew about this song which released on year 1992. Maybe YoonA listened this song when she was 2 year old..hohoho.

Besides, Jokwon had showed us her unique sense of "Gee" dance, and Taecyeon also performed T-ara " Bo peep Bo peep". Can you imagine when a beast turned into a cute kitty ^^. Hence, he also gained new from other family members which called " the cutest ever beast idol".

Go under cut for the videos now~~~~~~~

Yoona choding dance

Jokwon dance

Taecyeon " Bo peep Bo peep"