Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Video[02.02.10]SNSD revealed their current roommate and the sleeping habit the members had..

During the beginning of "Sweet Night" that was starred on 31 January,the girls' were revealing their current roommate and sleeping habits they had.
They revealed that their new dorm is really huge that they can even practice their dance with mirror that are attached on the wall.
Not only so,in the new dorm,there are 2 toilets and 5 rooms.
This is their arrangement of current roommate.
Taeyeon and Sunny,Yuri and Yoona,Sooyoung and Jessica,Hyoyeon and Seohyun and Tiffany alone.
In this show,Yoona also revealed that the relation she had with Yuri is not ok,which is only an act of joke.
Sleeping habit of Sooyoung and Yuri were also revealed by the members.
As we know,Yuri had sleeping habit by biting her tongue when sleeping and Sooyoung who grind her teeth and snore while sleeping,however,there are more about that being revealed in "Sweet Night".

This is the video that revealed their current roommate and sleeping habits.

video credit to Ahonetwoonetwo

Next videos are some unknown habit of YoonA being revealed by her classmate and some of the hilarious things about YoonA. Ok, too much spoilers it now...^^
(And thanks to Toebeast2 and silis7noys2 for their great effort in subbin these videos again...thank you)

 [Eng] Swt Nite Intro + Yoona [1/2]

 [Eng] Swt Nite Intro + Yoona [2/2]
video credit to Toebeast2

Hyoyeon part also out~~~~ (Credit to Ahonetwoonetwo)

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