Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily video[02.03.10]SNSD: SNSD Oh! is "Gee"

2010,indeed is Soshi world!That's the truth that we cant doubt it.
On February 3rd, SNSD attended the 19th Seoul Music Awards in SongPa,Seoul Olympic Park fencing arena.

Not only SNSD,other k-pop groups like Super Junior,SHINee and etc.
And again,the girls' didn't disappoint their supporters,they won an award again!
After receiving their awards,they put up a fantastic and marvelous performance with the combined concept of "Gee" and ""Oh!".

With their new hairstyle and new outfit,they brought us a lively performance without failed.
This is not the first award the girls' had won for 2010,but the 3rd award.
These are the awards they got for 2010 from January till now,Feburary.

1.16th Annual Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony : Best Female Group
2.Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism : Content Industry Award (Special Honor
3.19th Seoul Music Awards : Bonsang Award
4.19th Seoul Music Awards : Digital Music Award
5.19th Seoul Music Awards : Daesang Award

As expected,SNSD are always giving their fans the very best they had!
But still,I hope that the girls can take good care of their health because they seems to be abit weak during their performance on the 19th Seoul Music Awards.
Hope all of them will recover soon and will be back to their active self again for their upcoming promotions and performance!
S♡NE are always here to support you girls!
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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SNSD "Oh" & Gee

SNSD awared BOnsang Award

SNSD won digital music award

credit to tsjh84

SNSD won the Daesang award

Credit to toebeast2

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