Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daily Videos [02.07.10]SNSD: Star King in the house

During the Star King that was starred on 6th Feb,SNSD was the guest for the day.
A lot of SNSD parts in the show that you can't miss it!

First,Minho's favourite SNSD's member.
Minho was requested to choose his favourite SNSD members among the 9.
Although this is only the effects for the show results,but still you can see that whoever didn't get chosen by Minho,their jealousy and anger expression all are written on the girls' faces.Yuri and Seohyun had their final PK.
Surprisingly,Minho chosen Seohyun as his eyes of the champion.Because in Invincible Youth,Yuri was chosen by Minho as his favourite girl in G7.

Here is the video:
(video credit to TheSoopke)

Next, Sooyoung and Seohyun cute pillow fight.
During the show,the champion of the pillow fight competition came and performed a short pillow fight with Eunhyuk.

Follow by that,Sooyoung and Seohyun volunteered and started a pillow fight.
But then,who will ever thought that Seohyun will win Sooyoung with her aggressive attack as Seohyun always give an impression of a gentle girl while Sooyoung is the opposite.

Here is the video:
(video credit to dkpopnews11)

Follow by that,Jessica and Sooyoung sang traditional music???
During the performance,there are 8 girls from a Chinese orchestra performed a short dance choreography of "Genie".After that,the performed SNSD's "Girls Generation" with orchestra instruments in a traditional version.Jessica and Sooyoung are then requested to sing a little part of the traditional music.Both Sooyoung and Jessica did an excellent job!But,in this part of the show,you will never ever imagined that Jessica will have this expression.

Here is the video:
(video credit to UnknownCarrot)

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