Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daily videos[02.06.10]SNSD: SNSD ' ☆★☆' on Music Core finally

Today is the 4th comeback performance this year after a short break.
And of course,their 2nd time performed on Music Core.
To surprise their fans,they finally performed "Star Star Star" which was composed by E Tribe,the composer of "Gee".

"Star Star Star" had been quite popular among the fans when it was released.
In the performance of "Star Star Star", the girls wore their long white elegant gown and sat on the rooftop of a modified house.
And of course,not to forget Yoona,her narration at the start brought so much emotions into the song.
Follow by "Star Star Star",they performed "Oh!",their hit song!
Another brand new costumes,pink sport blouse and white shorts.
The girls always have brand new costumes for each performance they had.
Wondering will there be another millions of money on their costumes for performance?

Good news is that,Tiffany's wrist bandaged had been removed,which means she had recovered from wrist injury.
But Yuri still had her knee bandaged on.
As for Taeyeon,her vocal module have not recovered yet.
But still is impressive as always,they give us an awesome performance!

Here are the videos of the performance today,Music Core:

'Star Star Star' & Oh

Seohyun playing piano for TRAX

So S♡NE,stay tune on their tomorrow performance on SBS Inkigayo and upcoming performance too ^^
SNSD Hwaiting ^^

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