Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Video [03.31.10] SNSD New Samyang Ramyun CF !

Lalalala..chingoo ramyun~~~~~ bokuboku ^__^.
Still remember above music rhythm? Yes, it's the Girls' Samyang Ramyun  CF again.
I love this CF  so much  which whenever watching these commercial make me can't wait to have a taste of it now , must be yummy ^^. 
The bubble bobble theme really catchy as well regardless of how many time i listened it.
OK~~~ Let roll to watch it now...lalalala chingoo ramyun~~~bokuboku ^^

New Samyang Ramyun CF

the making

Daily Interest [03.31.10] Music Core for this week cancelled!!

 SNSD Tiffany and Yuri were the emcee for MBC Music Core around 1 year already,and on coming 3rd April,it will be their 1st anniversary~~

However, it had been announced that this week Music Core will be postponed because of the South Korean navy ship sinks near sea border  and many other variety shows had cancelled too.
Both Tiffany and Yuri had took over the emcee from Big Bang Daesung and Seungri since last year 4th April.

This year 3rd April,the broadcast is actually the 1st anniversary of both Tiffany and Yuri being the emcee for Music Core.

However,on this day,Tiffany and Yuri is unable to celebrate their 1st anniversary with the audience..
Because of recent incidents,the sinking of naval ship and the domestic atmosphere of the country,MBC decided not to broadcast Music Core for this week.Although this week there's no broadcast of Music Core,but there's still recording on 3rd April.

Not only MBC Music Core is cancelled, even Strong heart and some variety shows had been cancelled too for this week.
This week Music bank is confirmed cancelled and SBS 'inkigayo still not sure.
If there is,we will keep you guys update.

**To the families of the mishap navy ship,its understandable that this incident happened too fast for you all to accept the truth.We can't do any physical help but a sincere encouragement for you all..I know is hard to accept and believe,but what to do now is keep moving on in life. 

**Hope they would be able to recover from this tragedy soon and hope the wound will be healed soon.

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Daily Video [03.31.10] Sweet Potatoes couple Chapter 5 (English sub)~~~~

The long waited Sweet Potatoes chapter 5 with eng sub is out finally~~~.

Seobaby really is unique girl, when comes to everything related to health, as she strongly recommend healthy "jujube fruit" drink to YongHwa and even able to trick YongHwa to finish the drink, such a witty girl ^^.
Also this lovely couple will be visiting their newlywed house for the first time and the house appearance were decorated  like the dream house which described by Seobaby and many more cute moments.

Ok~~~ Let watch this love sweet Potatoes couple now~~~~.







above videos and subbed credit to NulSaRangHaeS5

Daily Video [03.31.10] SNSD "RunDevilRun" Official Story MV is out & SPAO new promotion video

Finally, the much anticipated Story version of "RunDEevilRun" is released.
Basically, the MV quite similar to the Iphone version which released on yesterday.
Well, let roll to watch the NV now~~~~.
And share with us how do think about this story version ^^

video credit to Sment

 Besides, there is another new SPAO promotion video released as well. 

SPAO clothes concepts really are well match with the Girls' youth & colorful image, the Girls look absolutely gorgeous on these clothes.

video credit to Yurui86

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daily Videos [03.30.10]SNSD Arirang TV interview~

 SNSD on Arirang Tv interview ~!

During the interview,the girls introduce their outfit for "Run Devil Run" and their feelings for the dark concept.

The interview shows the process of them shooting the "Run Devil Run" MV,the dark soshi concept photos, also their individual interview about how they feel about this concept,and not forgetting their further schedules and activities ^^

Let roll to view the video now~~~~~~

video credit to ytmsyjsh

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Daily videos[03.30.10]SNSD Iphone version of "Run Devil Run" story mv~!!

Awhile ago,we had just posted up that Iphone version of SNSD "Run Devil Run" story Mv will be reveal today at 3pm on Iphone SNSD application.

And now,a few fans had uploaded the Iphone version SNSD "Run Devil Run" story Mv onto Youtube.

It's known to be that the story MV is only the Iphone version but not the official version.

The official version story MV of "Run Devil Run" will be revealed on 31st March on various music portal.

At the start of the story MV,it shows the girls are getting ready for their cheerleading performance and a cup on the table accidentally poured over the computer wire,and the screen of the computer started to change and show "RunDevilRun" MV.

Then on the middle of the MV,it shows how the "black soshi" enters the room of the "cheerleader soshi" and starts to create a mess in the room.

Then towards the end,the "cheerleader soshi" are facing the "black soshi".

As for what will happen at the end,we will leave it all to the story MV ^^

Fanstaengoo &

Daily news[03.30.10] SNSD "RunDevilRun" story MV will reveal soon~!

The  "black soshi",SNSD follow up song "Run devil run" story MV version will be reveal on 30th March through smart-phone application and 31st March on various music portals!
SNSD will reveal the story MVmv of "Run devil run" first for iphone user who used SNSD application.

Other than showing their skill and power dances,the MV is also actually the follow up part of "Oh!" MV whereby at the end the "black soshi" appears.

Especially the comparison and changes of the girls,from "Oh!" version of SNSD to "Run devil run" version of SNSD ,had garnered attention and received a lot of responds amongst fans and netizens.

In addition,it's expected that the story MV of "Run devil run" will be reveal on 31st March at 3pm on SNSD official website,Dosirak,Bugs,Melon and various music portal.

From this we can see that based on "Run devil run",SNSD had already swept through various music chart,and their popularity is increasing rapidly.

Besides, other than revealing the story MV of SNSD "Run devil run",it will also often update various SNSD photos and had received a lot of good response from smart-phone users.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Daily Interest [03.30.10] "YongHyun" Honeymoon trip ??

 The "WGM"  make believe newlywed 'JungYongHwa and Seohyun' have been spotted by the fans in Gangwon-do, Jeongdongjin beach where they filiming latest "We Got Married".

Jeongdongjin railway station is the train station nearest to the sea, it's has been recorded in Guinness world record. Jeongdongjin beach is well known for its beautiful seaside scenery and sunset, also it was one of the best dating place for love couple.

Since "Yonghyun couple" joined "WGM", it was well received among viewers. For this 'Yong&hyun' "Honeymoon" trip, netizens have expressed:" hope they will have a beautiful & memorable moments in this wonderful place","hope to see this couple happiness face soon", and other wishes.
 YongHyun couple also left a "Jeongdongjin hwaiting" couple signature.

少 女时代& g% }* W1 k* Q1


Daily Video [03.30.10] SNSD Nintendo CF are out

The Girls' Nintendo DSi CF have revealed. 

The CF consists of 4 part which the Girls will demonstrate each new unique & interactive function had on Nintendo DSi.
The Girls look like having a lot fun with the "look like camera" function....Interesting ^^





videos credit to dkpopnewstv

Daily Interest [03.29.10] YoonA & Siwon TV & style photoshoot

YoonA (SNSD) & Siwon(SUJU) have collaborated again since SPAO couples photo-shoot.

Both of them look stunning and  like a professional models. 
YoonA also looks very comfortable with her oppa and her expression really impressed me.
OK~~ you gotta see it now~~~~.

Go under cut for more YoonA stunning looks....Love it or not^^

Daily Video [03.29.10] SNSD Star Star Star fanmade mv ~~

Today I came across a fanmade mv of SNSD Star Star Star~~.
The video is very touching and well done!
The fans edited out the individual parts of the girls in different MVs and make an rearragement all together into a video.
Nowadays a lot of fanmade videos and photos of SNSD are up on the net which I'm really impressed with the skill they had.
From all these works done by the fans,can see that how popular SNSD is around the world ^^.
OK~~ Let roll to watch the video now.

Daily Interest [03.29.10] Famade SNSD flashwork

After the ideal world cup games, the fans have showed great talent again with their self-made flashwork.
The first one is the Jessica fanmade flash work which when the mouse hovered across, it will play certain part of Jessica's different recording voices. This flash work quite nice and neat as well. The voices I preferred the most were  "Jessica become Park MyungSoo" and " Jessica said she is cold  ".  Really cute~~~ 
(It might takes a while to load all the flash works ^^)

Lastly is YoonA  on pitch pose yesterday. Some Fans captured different YoonA professional looks and actions during the opening of baseball game which the first look was captured during the first time YoonA played as opening pitcher while the second YoonA played as opening batter on yesterday. YoonA looks so cool  and the music fit really well~~~~~ ^^

Daily Interest [03.29.10] SNSD ~~~Nintendo call

Another love CF call for SNSD....
The Girls will endorse Nintendo DSi advertising compaign was announced on today ,29th March.

Seem like the DSi will have a new function called look-a-like camera which able to differentiate and judge the similarity between two person. The function result showed that Yuri and Seohyun basically are Twin.
Plus voice recording function which also able change the pitch of the voice recorded.
This CF is scheduled to be aired on 30th,March.

Go under cut for more pictures ^^.

Pictures credit to

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daily Interest [03.28.10] SNSD on the pitch again ~~~

 SNSD made appearance on Korean Professional baseball game again.

The Girls seem like enjoyed high popularity and  receiving a lot of love call amongst Korean Professional baseball teams. Today, SNSD has attended the opening of the game between Doosan Bears and Kia Tigers which to be held on March 28 at Seoul Jamshil Stadium.

Seobaby ^^ will be succeed the opening pitcher role after Yuri & YoonA who were also the opening pitcher last time, and YoonA seem like enjoyed the games which she will be part of the opening of the game again as opening batter while Taeyeon will be responsible for singing the national anthem. 

Lastly, the Girls will be performing together.

Go under cut for more videos & pics ^___^

Taeyeon heavenly voice singing national anthem ~~~~~ Love it

SNSD Yoona,Seohyun @ Opening Ceremony Of A Baseball Game
above videos credit to prot0628

Daily interest [03.27.10] SNSD new CF ~~~~~

The Girls have new CF again, their high popularity amongst Korean people proved the marketing effectiveness with the product endorsed by the Girls.
This time, the product endorsed by the Girls was the hair straightener. We able to see to see young & colorful Girls' Generation seem like back to the " In the New World" days ^^.

GO under for more promotion pic & video

video credit to dkpopnewstv