Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daily audio[03.22.10] SNSD "Echo" and "Acoustic R&B Star Star Star" are out~~~

As SNSD had already started their promotions for their repackage album "Run Devil Run",this morning,the 2 other new songs of album was released.
The 2 songs was none other than "Echo" and "Acoustic R&B version Star Star Star" !
"Echo" is actually a catchy and happy song.It's totally a different feel compared to "Run Devil Run".And this song clearly show the parts that each members are singing.
Now let's listen to "Echo" and "Acoustic R&B version Star Star Star" and give some comments how you feel about these 2 songs ^^


"Acoustic R&B version Star Star Star"

above video credit to chyansie9x

Fanstaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot