Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daily Interest [03.09.10] Taeyeon Birthday Celebration ~ I want to dream with you, forever~

Hi S♡NE, how was the Taeyeon's 22nd birthday made by me ^^, hope all of you enjoys the video.

Today, I would like to share with you another great Taeyeon birthday video (title: I want to dream with you, forever ) made by the Korean famous S♡NE fansite 'DCinside' gallery members. They really have done a good job to the birthday video, so far it was the best Taeyeon birthday video which I've come across at. The video itself was so touching , every messages and photos in the video were heart-warming. I'm really love this video~~~ S♡NE really jjang and really proud of them ^___^. 
OK! let view this great video now~~~

    Besides, to celebrate our kid leader  "Taeyeon" birthday, the fans have advertised this great news on Korean local newspaper which just like what they did for other SNSD members. This advertisement really able to let the fans and Taeyeon knows how much we love and care about her.

    Furthermore, the fans want to show their support and celebrate this great day in meaningful way.  
    The Korean fan-clubs like Fan Cafe Cistus, Taeyeon's fan cafe LTY and  silver hwasu fans club has  donated a total around 3.266 million won for good deed purpose to the needy and will also carry out some charity  activities.

     Taeyeon has also celebrated with the fans which they held a little get-together party on 7th at the SM Entertainment building located in Chung-dam dong, Seoul. Other SNSD members also joined to celebrate Taeyeon's 21st birthday. Below fan account will give you more in-depth story about the little celebration party on that day ^^.

    Taeyeon' Birthday Party fan account

    The party ended little past midnight.
    Tiffany, Seohyun, Sunny, Sooyoung and Yoona came. Sooyoung MC'ed and Sunny assisted.

    After the cake, there was talk time where each member said something about Taeyeon

    The first one was,
    The one with the most cringe inducing moving talk Hwang Mi Young keke (Sooyoung introduced her this way keke)
    When Sooyoung introduced her Fany said Taeyeon is even more cringeworthy these days.She revealed that when Taeyeon texts her, she calls Fany "YePeuni" (Pretty Dear)
    Next to her Taengoo then made an uncle laugh heoheo keke

    Fany said she was really surprised at the number of candles '22' on the cake.
    They grew together like this already and she realized they have spent so much time together
    She said let's be together even longer than the time spent so far, and said "I love you".
    And feeling embarrassed she did the eye smile keke.
    Then she and Taengoo hugged hard.

    Now Yoona's turn. Yoona was embarrassed and had a choding expression. She said she couldn't talk straight and she turned around facing the balloons at back kekeke
    She said Taeyeon didn't talk much about her sadness, pain, and hardships before.
    But now she talks to members about those hardships in her heart.
    Yoona is so happy of this and hopes Taeyeon will continue to share everything with the members.
    And said she is thankful and that she loves her.
    After this talk Yoona seemed embarrassed and did an aegyo keke. So adorable it killed me. And Sooyoung imitated this exactly then they started talking in that aegyo voice. Then Fany said 'Oh those aegyo voices are giving me lots of stress these days' kekeke

    When it was Seohyun's time to talk she let out a sigh making the girls laugh out loud kekeke
    Seohyun didn't talk long kekeke
    She said I love you and Thank you repeatedly and the last touching word she said to Taeyeon was "Thank you for being born"
    But when Seohyun was talking Fany and Yoona would keep eating the cake so the fans were giggling,
    then Seohyun in her maknae unique tone said "Why... Why are you laughing?" like she was puzzled and it was the cutest thing kekekeke

    When Sunny started to talk it was already touching she started by calling her "Leader Kim Taeyeon" TT TT TT
    Yes our Soshi Leader Kim Taeyeon jjang TT TT

    She thanked her and said even with the great burden of being the leader Taeyeon worked so hard.
    And said "My friend let's be always together"

    Then the MC Sooyoung had her turn.
    Like Yoona, Sooyoung said she is also happy that Taeyeon opened her heart more and shared her hardships together.
    She said it only seemed yesterday that she and Taeyeon were commuting to their school in uniforms together but they are now 22 and the girls are singers and have won No 1s and Daesang awards(Fans cheered loudly at this point) and all of it is so wonderous she said.
    While talking about Taeyeon, Sooyoung used the phrase "unbreakable bond" and I really felt this expression in my heart TT TT
    Soooyoung then said while there are many great girl group singers, she thinks woori Taeyeon sings really great and Sooyoung herself is a fan. Then Soonkyu said "Taeyeon sings the best among the girl groups. That is what I hear in my ears"(And a great cheer from the crowd here kekekeke). Then Soonkyu added that our lead vocal Taeyeon is the shortest one and the girls said "Soonkyu you need to think of your own height" kekekeke

    After the members' talk Taeyeon said
    "These days it's hard for all of us to get together. It's been some time since we were able to get together and talk like this(The members nod). Since we are nine members, a group with many members, we need to talk like this more but the members have so many individual schedules now hehe. Yoona has to go to the beauty shop right after this party for FO2 filming."

    Here Yoona confessed that to be here for the party she skipped washing up at home keke Fany next to her held her nose and made gestures like something is stinking keke. Sooyoung said "Hey Taeyeon you are the one with the most schedules! Why are you meeting so many chingoos?" keke I think she means Chinhan Chingoo.

    Taeyeon continued "And Seohyun comes home late these days because of WGM. Fany, Sooyoung, and Sunny all have schedules in the morning. And they are all here to congratulate me I am so grateful"

    There was question time from fans and the one fan asked how come the fanservice seems to be better now

    Taeyeon answered that before she was... like when fans approach her she would tend to step back. But doing the concert last year she says she has gone through lots of changes in her thoughts and character. She said there are some things she made promise to herself. And many fans visit her parents spec shop and she talks to her dad at night about them. Listening to all the stories from fans Taeyeon says she felt that she should approach the fans herself. And said "From now on I will be loving more and more and I don't think it will ever turn less heehee". So moving TT TT TT TT

    One samchon fan asked how Taeyeon manages her health.
    Taeyeon said she doesn't TT TT
    She said she doesn't even take the medicines that she should. And maknae beside her yelled "That's true!" kekeke
    Maknae is sensitive to health management she kept scolding Taeyeon kekeke
    Maknae said "Taeyeon unnie.. when she has stomach ache but she wants ice cream then she eats ice cream. She will eat and say *Oh I think I have stomach trouble but oh this taste good~*"
    Soonkyu said she will force medicine in Taeyeon's mouth if she has to...
    Taeyeon talked about her throat - "You know some time ago my throat went bad(The fans yelled Park Kyung Lim! here) Yes that's right hehehe. After that my throat wasn't completely well and I did the Encore Concert and since yesterday my throat became little swollen. So on Inkigayo today to be honest I lipsync'ed... My throat condition was pretty bad."
    "But maknae takes care of me keke"
    "I promise to manage my health better from now on"

    And Yuri is fine.
    Soonkyu said "Ah and Yuri is the one that takes care of her health the most and how come she got it" keke
    Yoona said "I am her roomate even. And I didn't get it hehehe"
    Sooyoung said "Hey be careful it could be dormant inside you kekeke"
    Taeyeon then said "After Yuri was diagnosed, we all went to the hospital to get checked out and we are all ok" and the fans clapped.
    Fany said "Yuri had a lot of schedules so that may be the reason why she got it. But then how come she is ok?" as she was pointing to Sunny. Sunny then shrugged and pointed at herself like she was saying she doesn't know anything about it kekeke
    Taeyeon said "I texted with Yuri today. She is a lot better. You should see her soon hehe"

    fan account credit to pinch@dc + silis7noy2 (soompi)