Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daily Interest [03.24.10] the reason of Taeyeon didn't participate in WinWin recording

Taeyeon didn't particiapte latest "WinWin" recording due to cold,fever and fatigue so she had to take a leave.
Kim SeungWoo explained:" Taeyeon was sick with cold and fatigue, she was coming to the recording studio though but she barely able to continue the show recording with her condition now" "so she had to take a leave".
From the video, it can be seen that Taeyeon expression showing her suffering greatly with cold. I hope she able to get sufficient rest time to recover and it's really upset seeing this. Intially, it was Sunny sickness then come to Yuri who just recovered from swine flu recently now it's our kid leader turn > <.
Hope their manager oppa will make proper adjustment onto their hellish schedule planning after this time.