Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Interest [03.31.10] Music Core for this week cancelled!!

 SNSD Tiffany and Yuri were the emcee for MBC Music Core around 1 year already,and on coming 3rd April,it will be their 1st anniversary~~

However, it had been announced that this week Music Core will be postponed because of the South Korean navy ship sinks near sea border  and many other variety shows had cancelled too.
Both Tiffany and Yuri had took over the emcee from Big Bang Daesung and Seungri since last year 4th April.

This year 3rd April,the broadcast is actually the 1st anniversary of both Tiffany and Yuri being the emcee for Music Core.

However,on this day,Tiffany and Yuri is unable to celebrate their 1st anniversary with the audience..
Because of recent incidents,the sinking of naval ship and the domestic atmosphere of the country,MBC decided not to broadcast Music Core for this week.Although this week there's no broadcast of Music Core,but there's still recording on 3rd April.

Not only MBC Music Core is cancelled, even Strong heart and some variety shows had been cancelled too for this week.
This week Music bank is confirmed cancelled and SBS 'inkigayo still not sure.
If there is,we will keep you guys update.

**To the families of the mishap navy ship,its understandable that this incident happened too fast for you all to accept the truth.We can't do any physical help but a sincere encouragement for you all..I know is hard to accept and believe,but what to do now is keep moving on in life. 

**Hope they would be able to recover from this tragedy soon and hope the wound will be healed soon.

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