Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily NEWS [03.10.10]Taeyeon has been voted #1 lover for White Day by male fans!

SNSD Taeyeon,had been chosen No.1 among the male fans as the one they want to celebrate "White Day" together with.

On the 19th March,a survey "Which idol you wanted the most to celebrate with during White Day?" had been carried out from 26th Feb till 9th March amongst 693 people.

And the results showed that SNSD Taeyeon had been chosen No.1 among all the girls group.

Taeyeon had 26% of the total votes from the male fans,crowning No.1.Runner up is Kara Han Seung Yeon,who had 20% of the votes. SNSD Yuri had 12% of the votes,crowning No.3,and BEG Narsha had 7% of the votes,crowning No.4 .
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