Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily NEWS [03.17.10] Reason to why YoonA and Tiffany’s concept photos were released last revealed

The reason to why YoonA and Tiffany’s individual concept photos for ‘Black SoShi’ were released last is revealed.

The reveal of concept photos for ‘Black Soshi’ started on 11th March and ended on 15th March with the reveal of concept photos of YoonA and Tiffany.

With that the director team leader for the project Min HeeJin said, “For the concept, the member who underwent the most transformation is YoonA. The great transformation was to cut off her fringe to bangs. She has not cut it since her debut.”

Min team leader added, “We did some transformation to Tiffany’s hair. We wanted to change from her pure and innocent look from ‘Oh!’ to something strong. And even though she has short hair now, there is this maturity in her innocence.”

So with that, there is high level of perfection needed for the 2 members’ image, hence it was revealed that the reveal of their concept photos for them have to be revealed last.

But it was also revealed that the girls will continue to undergo transformation for their image, “It is not the end for ‘Black Soshi’ yet.”

Meanwhile, the full song for ‘Black Soshi’ titled ‘Run Devil Run’ will be released online on 18th March. And the girls will have their comeback stage on 19th March on KBS Music Bank.

Translation credit to sookyeong@kbite