Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily NEWS [03.18.10]SNSD Sooyoung as "One day G7"~

SNSD member Sooyoung appeared as one day G7 member in the show "Invincible Youth" had attracted a lot of attention from viewers.
During the upcoming broadcast of "Invincible Youth" on 19th March,SNSD Yuri absent because of  H1N1 so she was unable to participate the recording. Hence, SNSD 'Sooyoung' replace Yuri as 1 day G7 member.During the declaration of herself as 1 day G7 member,Sooyoung showed her special talent which brought much laughter among the crowd.

On this day of the broadcast,SNSD Sooyoung showed her aegyo "receiving wood board" which is good enough to beat Sunny's aegyo "receiving punches",and caused the crowd to burst out laughing.

Sooyoung also received exclusive love and concern from chief villager and Kim Tae Woo and caused much jealousy from other members of G7 ^^.

In addition,while Sooyoung was repairing the cage for the chickens,because she had to move those chickens away from the cage but she was accidentally locked inside.
For her who just first time to experience rural living in "Invincible Youth", But Sooyoung slowly adapted it and completed the mission of catching chickens without hesitation and perfectly shown her abilities of being 1 day member of G7!

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