Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily NEWS [03.19.10] Taeyeon: "Black Soshi doesn't mean the outfit is black"

SNSD Taeyeon  who just make a comeback with "Black Soshi" image said: "Black" does not represent the colour of the outfits but it symbolise the feeling and image of this concept.

On 19th March, SNSD had their follow up song "Run Devil Run" performed for the 1st time at Music Bank. When the MV of "Run Devil Run" was released,the "Black soshi" theme has become a hot topic among netizens and fans again. On today broadcast of Music Bank,the girls were wearing the white colour outfit and causing the fans and viewers  quite shocked about it.

After the recording of Music Bank,while having a short interview with Money Today Star News,Taeyeon explained :"Yesterday all of us went to Jeju Island to shoot a CF under the rain,so today our condition are not very good.Because of health problem,we are more nervous about it (performance)".

Taeyeon went on and said: " 'Black soshi' theme does not mean that our outfit for the follow up song is black. The dark concept  is the feeling and image we want to express ,so I think that there's not necessary for our outfit to be black".

At the same time,while SNSD are having their follow up song "Run Devil Run" performed on Music Bank,it means that the promotion for the 2nd repackage album starts now onwards.

Source:star news
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