Friday, March 12, 2010

Daily news[03.12.10]Jessica passed as actress of "Legally Blonde" !

Due to the casting of SNSD Jessica in "Legally Blonde",it had been a hot topic amongst netizens and fans. And finally,the last performance was completed on 14th March.

The casting members of "Legally Blonde" included Jessica,Lee Honey,Kim Jiwoo,Lee Youngmi and Park Joohee.For every performance, the seats are always full with supporters and fans.As compared to the other musicals,they had obtained a great success with average rating 9.16 compare to other musicals with average rating 8.

Jessica indeed is the catalyst for the box office,who has attracted fans from different range of age to come and support the musical.The staff said:"Because of Jessica, fans from all age came and support the musical,thus shows her abilities of increasing the box-office appeal".

Jessica's ability of singing and acting, thus to become an actress is possible even got recognition from professional.

The production team said:"even though Jessica  had busy schedules,but she is still able to perform very well in her singing and acting. This is a great success for her debut musical show. Most importantly,through her hard work,she let the fans from different range of age to know what really musical is. She really work hard for every performance,thus giving her high grades".
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